Fight Summer Stains

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Brought to you by BIZ Stain Fighter.

I can’t believe it is Spring. Grass stains are now just starting to rear their uglyness already, as well as ice cream ones. My kids love to trample around outside with no care in the world. The least I can do it let them be kids. So I let them stain their “play” clothes and have fun. Sometimes they don’t always wear play clothes and I still want their play clothes to look half decent. Biz Stain Fighter is one of my go to must haves. It really helps me keep everything looking fresh and clean.

It really helps to keep the laundry more fresh for longer. We love it! Biz Stain Fighter cleans up to 80% better then just detergent alone and more stain fighting ingriedients then others. It’s also the only formulated product proven to remove all types of stains.

Another plus to this is I can do 50 loads for about $5. Scents last 2 weeks and is available in three scents. The bingo bango mango is my favorite!

Let the kids be kids this summer. Grass stains, chocolate ice cream, dirt or more are no match when your adding in some Biz Stain Fighter. When soccer comes for us in the fall and cheerleading, well be ready for those stinky socks and messy uniforms. Check out their website Biz Stain Fighters for all available products and where!



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