Japanese secrets of beauty

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Japanese secrets of beauty

The half of women’s world population is jealous of a porcelain skin, miniature body type and gorgeous hair. The nation transmits the recipes of beauty for generations. You have a chance to use an experience of Japanese professionals.

Miniature body type of the Japanese

Thin Japanese is an example to be followed for women all over the world. Their bodies remain fit no matter how old they get. It’s a rare occasion if you meet fat Japanese woman. The little secret of Japanese women is a right meal. Their perfect ration is full of vegetables and fruits. The meat part of their ration is very limited. Instead of heavy pork, people give preference to a fish prevailed in their country. A fish contain a great deal of protein, that easily absorbed by the human body. They also eat seaweed and cheese tofu. This food cleans out organism and effectively accelerates metabolism. Serving dishes Japanese usually use the traditional small plate, that doesn’t hold too much food.

Skin care according to Japanese recommendations

Japanese women’s skin pleases with color and texture and emits unnatural whiteness. The porcelain skin tone is achieved by using a large number of oranges that make them look like dolls. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which has a slight whitening effect on facial skin.

Skin care in spring

Japanese keep their skin in pristine condition using creams and masks based on rice flour that helps clean skin, makes it tender and gets rid of the problem skin areas or the rash. A rise mask perfectly polishes the skin and it becomes more smooth and firm. It’s better to use an olive or peach oil before a mask. Leave a mask on your face for 10 minutes. Then rinse it with warm water.

Everyday beauty-care rules

1. Drink at least 400 ml of green tea per day

2. Clean your face with tincture of green tea every morning and night. The recipe is very simple: take green tea and lime, pour the tea with boiling water, leave for 40 minutes, then add lime purée and juice, mix and put in the fridge.

3. Once a week make a rise mask based on rice flour. Mix 100 g of rice flour, 50 ml of green tea and lemon oil, apply a mask, leave it on for 20 minutes, then wash your face with warm water and cover the skin with cream.

4. Take a bath with apple vinegar. It helps keep the youth of your skin and make it healthy. Fill the bathtub with hot water, cool down to a temperature of 38 C and add vinegar. You may have a bath for 40 minutes, no more.

5. If you have a cellulite, use an aloe juice, sea salt and some seaweed. Mix all ingredients and apply them to the problem zones. Wrap yourself and wait for 2 hours, before rinsing it with hot water. Then, use a lifting cream.

6. Make a massage every week, it will help recover your body, renew cells, improve blood circulation and remove extra centimetres on your waist and hips.

7. Once a week let your facial skin takes a break from cosmetics.

Secrets of a beautiful hair

It’s clear that not all Japanese-born are with a gorgeous hair, but the majority of them know how to take care of it. Local women make conditioners based on a lotus. It makes hair shiny and restores their structure. They also use apple vinegar that strengthens hair roots and makes them healthier. The nation tries to save their natural beauty using various organic ingredients instead of cosmetic.

Japanese women are fond of their skin and hair. They know centuries-old secrets that help them keep beauty to old age.

A well-groomed woman is always attractive and pretty. For this purpose you need to find some time, to make a bit of an effort and to follow pieces of advice. Thanks to the Casanova Style, a lot of women all over the world have the chance to appreciate Japanese methods of rejuvenation.


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