Latest Lifestyle Trends to Consider

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Different language, but Sensible Suggestions: Latest Lifestyle Trends to Consider

Experimenting with new lifestyle trends is of great interest to many people these days. If your own, regular way of life seems to have left you uninspired and not particularly happy, it might make sense to try a way of life from another culture. It’s kind of like converting to another religion, except that choosing a new culture gives you more choice, and comes with far less resistance from the family. It’s also much more fun.

Hygge from Denmark

The Scandinavian countries are often at the top of lists ranking the happiest countries in the world. In a contest for the happiest among them, however, Denmark usually beats Sweden and Norway. Over the past couple of years, the Danish lifestyle concept of hygge (pronounced hyoo-ga) has been the rage in large parts of Britain and other Western countries. The Danish word is the rough equivalent of cute and cozy in English. A home life designed to the hygge idea is all about small, cute furniture, colorful and earthy decorations, satisfying, fulfilling home-cooked food, and clothes that are all about fluffiness and comfort. It’s about doing away with the worries of life, and simply finding satisfaction in a very pretty home and hearth.

Sisu from Finland

The Finnish concept of sisu attempts to help people succeed by making the idea of recovering from failure the core principle of life. The word itself is the literal Finnish equivalent or guts (or intestines) in English. Since a great deal of what goes wrong with life comes down to giving up or not trying hard enough, it makes sense to make the idea of resilience central to life. If you pick up on sisu, stoic determination becomes the very core of your existence.

Wabi-sabi from Japan

If you are someone who is always anxious about how hard it is to get things to be just right, wabi-sabi from Japan is for you. While the term roughly translates to sadness in English, in the simplest possible terms, it is the philosophy of rejecting the idea that you need to try endlessly to change your environment to suit your preferences. Instead, the idea in life should be to accept imperfection, just the way it is. It can translate in all kinds of ways in real life. It can mean depending on your kitchen garden rather than the supermarket even if what you get there isn’t good enough; it can mean a home decorated with cheap, rustic goods, rather than mass-manufactured articles, and it is about accepting people the way they are.

Jugaad from India

Jugaad means improvisation, jury-rigged or cobbled together. The jugaad lifestyle has you focusing on innovative, makeshift ways to get things done, rather than buying things. Your home may end up looking like something out of a cartoon, but a lifestyle focused on innovation is one of the nicest ways to live.

Recently, hygge enthusiasts in Denmark went after a particular expensive hygge-style vase in their hordes. Having this many people arrive reportedly crashed the manufacturer’s servers.

Many people attempting to try a new culture make the mistake of thinking of it as an all-new excuse to shop for new stuff. This is hardly the idea, however. These philosophies are all about achieving

simplicity. It would hardly do to get sucked into credit card debt, and then, to perhaps think of hiring a legal defense to negotiate your way out of trouble, just to experiment with frugality.

As long as you don’t lose sight of what you’re really trying to achieve, a new life philosophy can be a great idea.


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