Great Gifts for People Who Are Always Cold

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We all know somebody who is cold, no matter what the weather. Whether they operate more like lizards who need the sun for warmth or they just have thin skin, the always cold part of the population feels things a little differently than the rest of us.And while we often have a good-natured laugh at their expense, we know our freezing friend just wants to be cozy.

Here are some awesome gift ideas to warm their body and soul, with a little charm thrown in for good measure.

Blanket Scarves

Ok, an oversized piece of clothing well-suited for the couch may at first mention sound like a Snuggie or Slanket or whatever. We like the idea of the so-called blanket with sleeves, but we’ll raise you a better, more socially acceptable version—the oversized scarf.

Find a chic pattern or stick with a neutral, these blanket sized scarves do double duty—they’re perfect for kicking back with a soft cloth or when you need a makeshift blanket at work, on the plane, the movies and more. They also look like an elegant piece of clothing that make cold days and the same old winter coat look like a camera-ready ensemble. Here’s a few ideas.

Heated Throw Blanket

Great for all those times that your idea of warmth doesn’t quite line up with the desired body temperature of those around you. The heated throw blanket is the perfect solution for saving some serious cash on that electric bill, taking on the go for travel or keeping at your desk for a super cozy typing session.

A Nice, Big Sweater

If you really love your chilly friend, get them a good sweater. We’re talking a good, versatile button-up that’s thick and not itchy. Trust us—they’ll wear this all winter long, and well into the summer months. While a top-notch cardigan might run you a pretty penny, the always cold know the value of a good sweater, and chances are, they’ll appreciate this gift (and you!) for years to come.

Boot Socks

Add a little oomph to those long boots. Boot socks are perfectly designed to help the always cold navigate cold weather dressing dilemmas, with style. Wear with tights, leggings or on their own, these ultra-long socks add some extra style to any outfit, as well as the perfect amount of cozy for those days spent lounging in front of the TV.

A Personal Space Heater

Small and portable, every “cold person” needs a little blast of heat every now and again. Perfect for those times your housemates insist on keeping the central heat off, or when the office AC is blasting at unnecessarily cold temps. Trust us, your icy cold buddies will appreciate this stealthy approach to staying warm.

Hey, in the end, we all just want to be warm. We don’t blame you if you want to hang on to some of these snuggle-friendly gifts for yourself.


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