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Sagging skin is a common post-partum complaint. Skin that’s been stretched to accommodate a baby has a long way to go to get back to its original size, and each woman has a different experience depending on her age, the natural elasticity of her skin, and the size and shape of her pregnancy belly. If you’re not happy with your tummy’s recovery, here are some options for getting rid of some of that sagging skin.

Give It Time

Your doctor and all your new mommy literature are probably telling you that it will take some time to fully recover. Believe them. You won’t snap back from nine months of bodily changes in just a few weeks. You’ve just been through a life-changing experience, so remind yourself to be patient and offer yourself plenty of self-love while you adjust to life with your new baby. Meanwhile, your body will be recovering at its own pace.

Break a Sweat

You probably know that working out will help you lose weight, but did you know exercise is good for your skin too? Exercise keeps skin youthful and can even reverse the effects of aging. In studies, exercise actually changed people’s skin composition at a cellular level. If you want to rejuvenate your skin on your own, naturally, exercise is the best place to begin.

Watch What You Eat

You are what you eat — literally. Months from now, your skin will be made up entirely of the building blocks you ingest today. Your belly skin can’t heal itself from damage without the proper nutrition. Get plenty of nutrients by eating a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables along with lean meats, fish, and whole grains. Have a little olive oil, salmon, or avocado every day for healthy fats, too.


If you’re not getting enough water, your skin will lose elasticity and won’t be able to shrink to fit your new body. Drinking more water won’t make your skin extra elastic but being dehydrated definitely impacts your skin’s ability to shape shift and heal.


THERMIlift is a minimally-invasive procedure for sagging skin that is performed under local anesthesia. Most only need one treatment, and it takes about an hour. The doctor uses a probe to deliver radiofrequency energy directly to the fat cells under the skin with the intention of causing the skin to heat, tighten, and retract. The results are gradual and develop over several weeks or months after the procedure. The results can last up to two years.


If you’re ready to go under the scalpel, there are several options. Sometimes a doctor can simply remove excess skin, but in other cases, a tummy tuck is a better choice. Discuss your options with a board-certified plastic surgeon to see what’s right for your belly.

Whatever you choose to do about your sagging post-partum belly skin, remember to be kind to yourself. Even if you don’t choose to keep the extra belly skin, you can accept that your body has gone through these changes and still love yourself.


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