The Essential Guide To Buying Your First Car

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There is nothing quite as exciting as buying your first ever car. It has probably taken you years to save up for it but finally the moment is here. You can wave goodbye to begging your parents to borrow the family car and being told that you have to get it back by a certain time. You can go where you want, whenever you want and take anyone that you choose with you!

Now it is just you and the open road. Or at least it will be as soon as you have sorted out the small matter of selecting the right car for you and getting it delivered to your home.

Buying a new car is a serious financial commitment. You will either be using up all of your savings or taking out a large loan. Either way, it is something that takes a great deal of thought and preparation. Impulse buying a car is not to be recommended!

Choosing the right car for your needs

What exactly do you want a car for? Will you be travelling alone for most of the time? If so, you probably only need a small car. It is easier to drive down city streets and park in busy town centres. On the other hand, if you have an occupation or a hobby that involves carrying a lot of stuff around then you may need a much bigger model. If your hobby is surfing or cycling then you will need to be able to fit a roof rack as well.

How many miles will you travel every year? If you are going to clock up a high mileage, then avoid buying a high mileage car. Your vehicle will soon start to show signs of wear and tear and you will spend a fortune on repairs.

A sports car may seem like an exciting choice but is it practical for your lifestyle? Think about where you will park it overnight and whether it will be secure

Additional costs associated with buying a car

You will have to pay out a lot more than the cost of the vehicle itself and all the additional cost can mount up. Check out how you are going to get the car delivered. When you use Shiply car delivery you can get a quote by email so that you can add this into your total costs.

You need to get the right amount of car insurance coverage and this is something that you should investigate carefully. Appropriate car insurance is a legal requirement and not an optional extra. As you are a young driver this could cost a lot of money.

Don’t forget about the on-going insurance, tax, and maintenance costs. This will have to be added to the cost of weekly fuel as well.  Try to investigate some clever ideas on how you can limit these costs. Shop around for things like new tyres. You could even try to offset some costs by sharing journeys and pooling the travel costs with friends or colleagues.


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