The Latest Men´s Jean Trends 

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The Latest Men´s Jean Trends 

If you are stuck for a present idea for your man, why not buy him a pair of jeans. Most men own at least one pair, and wear them whenever they can.

There is plenty of choice, so it is really easy to find something suitable. Just click here and you will soon see what I mean. This retailer stocks over 300 different types of jeans, so it is practically impossible not to find a pair that will suit the man you are buying for.

The smart casual look 

As you will see, for 2017, jeans are very much at the centre of most retailers´ menswear collections. There is a strong smart casual vibe going on, with a lot of men opting to wear smart jeans with loafers or brogues and a shirt. Later in the year, when the weather gets cooler, you may even see people wearing a blazer or other form of formal jacket to complete this look. For this style of dressing, a pair of straight cut dark blue or chino style jeans is the best option.

Distressed jeans 

However, it is likely that most men will continue to use their jeans solely as a casual item of clothing. For them, this year´s, distressed jeans are a great choice. Most designers have gone with small nicks that are scattered over the upper leg of the jeans, a look that was last popular in the 90s.

Indigo blue 

Another trend that has been brought back from that era is indigo blue jeans. This light tone looks particularly good on men who prefer to wear shirts rather than t-shirts. The fact that the fabric is so light means that they look more like trousers than jeans.

However, be careful when buying these light coloured jeans, because they will not suit every man. For example, they rarely look good on chunkier men and are not really a practical option for a man who will want to wear them to work.

Gabardines and chinos 

Most designers have stuck with denim, but you will also see quite a few pairs of jeans made from Gabardine or Chino fabrics. They are a great addition to any man´s wardrobe because they are versatile items of clothing. This style of jeans can be dressed up or down. They are great for taking on holiday, or wearing to a party where you are not 100% sure whether to wear smart or casual clothes.

A few buying tips 

When buying jeans as a present it is always a good idea to keep the receipt. That way if they do not quite fit they can be taken back and exchanged.

If you are buying for a man that is not really an avid follower of fashion it is best to stick to buying the style of jeans he already owns. This is the best way to make sure that he likes them and will feel comfortable wearing them.

You may also want to read this article before going out shopping. It explains how to choose the right cut and style of men´s jeans for every body type. You will find it particularly useful if you are trying to buy for a man who has recently put on, or lost, a lot of weight or muscle.


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