Create ways to perk up the home

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Create ways to perk up the home 


Glossy magazines and specialist websites may make it seem easy but livening up the home is not a simple task. Finding the time can be a major issue but when there is a family to work around it can sometimes seem too much of an ordeal.  


Another turn off for many wanting to spruce up their tired looking houses is thinking that they don’t have enough money to be able to make a difference. Budgetary restrictions can put a stop to refurbishment plans before they even get off the ground. 


But there are plenty of ways to give the home the change it is crying out for. There is no need to break the bank to get eye-catching results – and even the most stubborn of family members will like one of these great ideas to perk up the home. 


Lighten up 


It is remarkable how much of a difference simply changing a few light bulbs can make. Adding a few centerpiece lights can really change the look of a room. Even just introducing lamps with soft lighting can transform a room that has been used to stark bright bulbs. There are also many novelty character lighting options for children’s rooms so the little ones can feel involved with the project too. 


Make do and mend 


Making furniture might seem like a drastic measure even if there is a strict budget to work with. But salvaging materials – and using pieces already lying around the house – can make a room look completely different. As long as there are some basic DIY skills to be found in the family, some simple new tables, chairs or benches can give the place a minimal loft living, warehouse look. 


Window to the world 


Many people wanting to change up the way their home looks will work on what is in the room – but concentrating on the windows can be just as inspiring. For a fresh new look get rid of those old colorless curtains that were always more of an afterthought and choose from a range of shutters to make the place distinctive inside and out. Shutters provide a sophisticated look and are good value for what they do to a home. 


Color ways 


If money is tight then it can seem like there is nothing that can be done to substantially change the look of a home. But introducing new splashes of color throughout a house will make it look like a new place entirely. Whether it is a new cushion cover (which can be easily and cheaply made from old scraps of fabric) or painting just one wall in a room in a bright and bold color, the effect these simple additions can have is amazing. 


Remember the outdoors 


Perking up the home should include the entire home but many will forget about the outside space and what can be done to make the whole place look good. Even if there is not much in the way of a garden or yard there is still much that can be done to improve the situation. In fact, it makes even more sense to do something about it if the area is small. Turning a small yard into a place of relaxation can take a lot of the stress of everyday life away. Not only can it be a place or retreat and escape but it can inspire to transform other areas of the home and keep a feeling of renewal going. 


Be creative 


However a home is transformed and updated, the main thing to remember is to bring creativity into rooms to make them feel like new. The limitations that might exist because of financial budgets can actually work in a positive way as there is a greater need to work with what is available rather than just going out and spending money to bring the change. 


Changing a family home for a small amount of money also makes it easier to just start again if a project doesn’t quite end up like it was imagined. Painting a wall bright yellow might seem like a good idea at the time but if it doesn’t work it can always be painted over again – and buying another pot of paint will hardly break the bank! 


The old saying goes ‘a change is as good as a rest’ and when it comes to the home it can take just a small adjustment to completely transform the place. 





  1. ellen beck says:

    We are in the process of perking up our home. We have lived here so long! The garden is getting a make over with wildflowers native to our area. I think the indoors is a big one too we are also decluttering.

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