Accessories are Important

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Accessories are Important: Handbags Make a Great Addition to Your Wardrobe 



The history of accessories can be traced back a long way: from Ancient Egyptian headdresses, worn to keep the upper-class cool; to shell, teeth or bone necklaces, worn up to 40,000 years ago around the world. Some were created for practicality, some as a symbol of social status and some simply as a form of self-expression, which is pretty much where we’re at today! 


Why are Accessories Important? 


It’s no coincidence that the creative directors of leading luxury fashion brands like Marc by Marc Jacobs, Gucci, and Valentino all have a background in accessories design. Why? Because this is the main revenue driver of most luxury brands, and handbags are the driving force! Branding also tends to be more important in accessories so these designers have the much needed expertise to launch the brand forward. 


 But why accessories? Why not clothes or shoes? Generally, accessories such as handbags are less expensive and SO much easier to buy. Instead of trawling shops to find the perfect fitting dress, you can get an instant pick me up by choosing a bag. Plus, you can buy it online and choose three different styles for the same price as that one dress if you really want! In the words of Marc Jacobs: “Any opportunity to adorn oneself is human, and accessories are an easy way to do it.” 

 In short: accessories are accessible!  


Accessorizing for Occasion 


Take a simple outfit, for example, a tailored black jumpsuit. There are almost infinite occasions you could wear this to, as long as you get the accessories right! 

  •  At the Office: Team with a luxury shoulder bag such as a Louis Vuitton Handbag and a pair of black heels and look workday chic! 
  • Friday Drinks: Swap your shoulder bag for a cute clutch and add some fancy footwear to jazz up the outfit. 
  • Running Errands: Dress it down with trainers and a large tote and you’re ready to bump into anyone! 

Accessorizing for Style 


Personal style has a large part to play when choosing a new handbag. Think of any fashion icon you admire and ask yourself why you admire them? It’s not the jeans, the shirt, or even the handbag, it’s how they put their outfits together! Fashion is a way of telling people who you are without saying a word, so although accessorizing for occasion is an easy way to do it, don’t be afraid to experiment. If a beautifully branded shoulder bag is your thing, why not pair it with your fave jeans and tee combo? Equally, if bright and bold is your kryptonite, wear your yellow tote with your green culottes, if nothing else it’ll get you noticed! 


Accessorizing for Budget 


One of the beauties of accessories is the price, but everyone still has a budget. Whether it’s Armani or Zara, with the rise of fast fashion, chances are you can get a very similar version of that catwalk piece you’ve been coveting for a fraction of the price. Don’t let budget stop your style from shining! 


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