Creating the Perfect Home Theater

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A Night In at the Movies: Creating the Perfect Home Theater System

A night out at the movies isn’t cheap and that’s just regarding the price of tickets. Food and drinks add to the bill. A night in a cramped theater with limited seating could cost you more than you would bargain for. It’s reason many decide to create their own experience at home. Here’s how to comprise the perfect home theater system.

Proper Placement

There’s little debate about the value of a home theater system. You can’t put a price on feeling relaxed and having the best seat in the house. But that’s only if you find the right space. Choose a room that is dark and can host an array of audio/visual equipment. Don’t worry about the size of the room as much as the ability to use the space as a dedicated home theater.

Projector or Television Monitor

Some are excited about the technology associated with in-home projectors. HDTV monitors, however, are less obtrusive, more economical, and the most practical for families who want to fit theaters in the living room. 50 inches to 65 inches is a substantial size for a monitor that can play movies and serve as a computer monitor. Those who want the very best picture quality seek OLED models. Try online suppliers that stock a diverse range of products, like RS Components, to match your needs.

Buy the Right Wall Mount

Since many speaker models are wireless and plenty of providers offer streamed content, there’s opportunity to mount a television on your wall without having to worry about dangling wires and other eyesores. You need to ensure, however, that the mount can hold the weight of the television and properly aligns with its size. Use a pencil to sketch where the mount will be placed on the wall before making any holes!

Get the Six Essential Speakers

The loudest and most expensive speakers are not needed to fulfill the wishes of a dedicated home theater. You don’t have to break the bank but you do need to dedicate the budget toward six essential speakers. You’ll want two standing speakers, one center speaker, two bookshelf speakers, and a subwoofer. Those pieces serve as the backbone to all respectable and high performing home theaters.

Sit in the Right Spot

Once you identified the right place, you need to distance speakers and the television from seating areas. Some take the horizontal length of their television and multiply by two to get the minimal distance and multiply by five to get the maximum distance to sit from the screen. Other factors including the brightness of the room and the technology of the television will influence sight. You’ll want to angle the front and back speakers so they are curved toward listeners. The center speaker should be in front of the television and face those that are seated. The subwoofer is best kept out of the line of sight and set beside one or two walls to facilitate the bass sound. It’s understood that sitting up straight heightens the 3D effect. Otherwise, lounging or sitting at an angle can ruin the effect. RS Components


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