Fashion Trends to Watch This Fall 

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Fashion Trends to Watch This Fall 

As we wave goodbye to summer and say hello to fall, our minds are turning away from our summer fashion choices to focus on how to keep ourselves warm this winter. This summer saw a number of fashion styles all jockeying for prime position in wardrobes throughout the nation, and among them was the resurgence of the 80’s party style which heavily featured bright, neon inspired colors. 

Now that we are entering the fall of 2017, now is a good time to take a look at the emerging fashion styles which are likely to dominate design choices during the last months of the year. Below we take a look at the styles that are dominating different clothing options. 


A recurring theme throughout the fashion world in 2017 has been the re-emergence of various retro fashion styles. When it comes to hats, perhaps the most noticeable of these is the beret. The beret is a distinctive hat and one of the most easily and instantly recognizable styles. Leather berets featured heavily during the Dior catwalk at recent fashion shows. Celebrities like Rhianna have contributed significantly to the re-emergence of this particular item, having been pictured wearing them at a number of events.  

Another old favorite that has been making a return is the bucket hat. This staple of fashion lines during the 1970s is once again being seen as a hot fashion accessory. Bucket hats in 2017, however, are much more diverse than those from the 70s. Improvements in our design and manufacturing processes have allowed for bucket hats of a wide range of different textures and materials, some of which dramatically change the aesthetics of the piece. For example, the faux fur wide brimmed bucket hat shares the underlying structure with its ancestors from the 1970s but the use of a very different material than usual gives the hat a completely different look and feel. 

Bright and Vibrant Colors 

This year’s fall fashion options look set to buckle the conventional trends. Usually we anticipate the brightest, most vibrant pieces being released for the summer months. This year, however, there has been a refocusing on the use of color in fall fashion lines. 

The color red has long been considered one of the most difficult to pull off well when putting an outfit together; a poorly chosen red item can throw off a whole ensemble. We have seen a number of leading fashion designers showing off their brightly colored designs on catwalks around the globe. Fendi are hoping that this fall, women will be enticed by their red knee height leather boots. Elsewhere, Dolce and Gabbana have shown off a stunning red coat which is thick and warm while maintaining the flowing quality that coats made of the very best materials possess. 

Vintage Inspired Furs 

The fur trade continues to be one of the most controversial aspects of producing high end fashion lines. In recent years the availability and increasing quality of synthetic fur has been turning more and more fashion designers and adherents away from real furs and their questionable supply chains. 

As far as both synthetic and real fur go, this year has seen designers moving away from last year’s mantra of making as bold a statement as possible, and has instead returned to the vintage designs which first popularized fur as a clothing material. The vintage designs that have been selected to be relaunched this year are all designs which emphasize simplicity and elegance over gaudy displays of excess. 


Just because summer is over, it doesn’t mean that the beaches are being abandoned entirely. In fact, there are now a range of swimwear options for those who are looking to spend some of this fall by the coast, taking advantage of the near deserted beaches. The hot item this fall as far as swimwear goes is the tankini. The tankini offers women an item of swimwear which combines the practicality and function of a bikini with the aesthetics of a tank top. These two distinct styles combine very effectively and are available to fit all body types; the plus size tankini in particular is proving to be a popular choice. 

This fall looks set to be an interesting one in the world of fashion. Designers across the board have rejected conventional wisdom and, building on last year’s success, are increasingly looking to reintroduce and reinvigorate vintage brands and retro designs. The consequence of this for the market has been to make a number of styles and designs that were considered finished to reemerge. 


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