How to make your bathroom relaxing 

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You time: How to make your bathroom relaxing 

When you’ve spent an entire day chasing after the kids, your partner, the pets, keeping on top of the housework and managing everything else that requires your attention – it’s time to focus on giving yourself a little “you” time.  

And what better place, than the bathroom. Granted, the bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the house so it’s not always the first place you think of when it comes to relaxing…here we’ll take a look at some little ideas to help turn your bathroom from a messy, water sprayed function room into a little piece of heaven – that’s just for you.  


A stunning suite 

Lets start with the basics. It can be difficult to be in the mood to relax when you’re expected to sit in an avocado green bathtub with worn, limescale covered taps and a leaking showerhead above you. So why not invest in your body and mind?  

A new bath or sink doesn’t have to cost the Earth, and companies such as betterbathrooms are ideal for a little inspiration.  

Colour Scheme 

Colours have a fantastic effect on our mood. Deep reds are associated with passion and romance, while yellow is associated with humour and creativity, so when it comes to creating a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom, using the right colours can be very important. 

Blue is the most relaxing of colours, likely because it exists in nature in the form of a vast daytime sky or a deep blue sea, and thus evokes serenity and a relaxing mood. If you are looking for a dominant colour in the bathroom, blue is a winner. Blue has even been shown to lower heart rate and body temperature. 


Calming Scents 

Smell is a potent sense with magical memory powers – you’ve likely walked into a room with a strong overpowering smell and been reminded of a very particular memory. But the power of smell doesn’t stop there just as scented candles don’t come in a seemingly endless variety for no reason. 

pine can alleviate stress and decrease anxiety, perfect for creating a relaxing bathroom environment. Other incredible scents include chamomile, lavender, cinnamon, tangerine, coconut and chocolate (no surprise there!). Make sure whichever scent you use goes nicely with your favourite soap flagrance and you’re in for a very relaxing bathroom environment. 



Bathrooms can often seem sterile, bland and lifeless. To add a hefty amount of life into your favourite washroom, try injecting some plant life and turn your cleanest room into a tropical paradise. But bear in mind that not all plants can cope with a low light and high humidity environment. 

Orchids love humidity, if you go to a relaxing weekend spa, chances are you’ll see and orchid or two. A Peace Lily has deep green glossy leaves and beautiful white flowers, enough to lighten and freshen any bathroom. A Fern would particularly love the high humidity and will also purify the air for your optimum oxygenated enjoyment. 




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