Beautiful Gifts for Friends Who Love Their Gardens 

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Beautiful Gifts for Friends Who Love Their Gardens 

If you have friends and family members who love to spend time in their gardens there are loads of fantastic gifts you could buy for them. Here are a few of my favorites. 


Trees make wonderful presents. They are a gift that lasts a lifetime. As you can see, from this website there is plenty of choice. Therefore, it is really easy to find one that is perfect for the person you are buying for. 

When buying trees it is really important to bear in mind the amount of space they have available in their garden. There is no point in buying someone with a small urban garden an oak tree. When it is young, it will look great, but a couple of decades down the line it could easily turn into a nuisance. 

Generally speaking, you are best off sticking to smaller varieties like Japanese maples or the Mountain Ash. Fruit trees also make nice gifts. Potentially, they can be grown in pots. This makes them a particularly good option for people with small gardens. Some are even suitable for growing on a balcony. 

Flowers and bushes 

Bushes and flowers also make very good presents, but you really have to understand what the person you are buying for likes. If you do opt to buy this type of gift, it is probably best to ask for a gift receipt. That way the person you are giving them to can take them back and exchange them for something that is more suitable for their garden. 

Ornaments and decorative items 

Most people like to enhance their garden with decorative items. Benches, statues, decorative pots all make very good gifts. 

Lights and other essentials 

If you know that the person you are buying for likes to spend the evenings in their garden, lights or a patio heater make ideal presents. Practical items like covers for their patio furniture are another good idea. 

Tools and other gifts 

Keeping a garden in good condition takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, anything that helps to save gardeners time or makes things easier for them are likely to be well received. 

The gift of labour 

For older friends and relatives buying them some help in the garden can be an excellent idea. For example, paying a local garden for a day at a time of the year when there is a lot of work to be done in the garden can be a real lifesaver for someone who has a bad back. It gives them a chance to get some of the more physical, but essential tasks, done, so that their garden looks good. 


If you are not 100% certain of what to buy vouchers can be a good option. Most garden centres sell them, as do the majority of the online retailers. However, you do need to be a bit careful when buying vouchers. Unfortunately, some retailers do not give you very long to use them. This article explains how to avoid being scammed when buying gift vouchers. It is well worth your reading before you buy any, 



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