GOTRAX- Hover boards

*Disclosure: I have received product free for review. These thoughts are solely my own.

GOTRAX Hover board is a self balancing scooter that has all of the supernova features of the overfly at a super affordable price! To the GOTRAX Galaxy, safety is key! All of the Hoverfly electrical, battery, and charger systems are tested and certified to UL 2272 safety standard guides. This self balancing scooter- or overboard, is super easy to use. In just 5 minutes you can learn in the quick and easy training mode feature. You can gp as fast a 7.4 miles per hour and the Hoverfly can go up to 12 miles on a single full charge.


The Hoverfly boasts high torque powered by dual 250 watt motors. The Hoverfly has a zero degree turning radius, non slip foot pads, and protective bumpers. You will be traveling in style with the Hoverfly’s bright super galactic colors and LED lights. The indicator lights will signal when it is time to return for charging. The Hoverfly has a high quality construction and a 220 pound weight capacity, your whole family can enjoy this awesome ride!

The Hoverfly comes in three different models. The ECO which is UL 2272 tested and certified and fast, fast, fast. The Hoverfly Plus is similar to the Eco but has bluetooth speaker and a mobile app. The XL version has rugged 8 inch tires, fast speeds, bluetooth speech and a mobil app. When you purchase a Hoverfly you get free shipping, a secure checkout, and 30 day no hassle return policy. You automatically have a 90 day limited warranty but you may also purchase an extended one year warranty. Gotrax has a overboard for all price ranges, which best suites you? You can also purchase E-scooters and Electric ATVS from GOTRAX.

If you want to purchase a HoverFly or one of their other great products you can purchase them HERE.


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