Hello Jinni

* Disclosure: I received compensation for this post, these thoughts are solely my own.

Your favorite voice assists are on the go, wherever you go. You are able to touch or ask for Alexa, Google, or Jinni and you can touch for siri. Jinni integrates all four virtual assistants and allows you to utilize each of the great commands without having to pick a favorite. Jinni, the brand new virtual assistant allows you to hear notifications without having to pick up your phone. Then you can easily respond with voice command.

Jinni is a small bluetooth button that integrates all of your virtual assistants. It is small and magnetic wearable. She can easily move from your shirt collar to you refrigerator door, or your shower wall and your purse. Jinni connects to your phone’s bluetooth using your phones data to connect to Alexa, Siri and Google voice connects.

Unlike Echo, Echo dot, and Tap, Jinni allows you to make and receive calls and text messages from your existing phone number. It is also not bound to a certain room or location and travels with you.

Alexa is great at home automation, ordering on the go, and music and you can have this with Jinni. Okay, Google is great at answering questions, getting directions, and sending messages. And you can get this with Jinni too. Hey Siri? Yep this is great for controlling your phone and guess what? Jinni can do this too! And now your newest virtual assistant: Hello Jinni (jee-nee). Jinni is great at reading notifications and receiving calls. You can get all of this in just one single device. Jinni works independently of any echo or google home devices.

Jinni has a long battery life, quality speaker, is water resistant, and is the smallest form factor for Alexa. It starts at just 39.00 dollars. To pre-order Jinni you can find it HERE. 



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