Tips for Picking the Perfect Limo for Your Wedding Day 

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Tips for Picking the Perfect Limo for Your Wedding Day 

Your wedding day is more than just a special occasion, it’s the most special of occasions.  It requires months, maybe even years, of planning. You look beautiful! Would it not be a shame to ruin such an occasion, your sharp dress and your glowing appearance with a shabby limousine?

For many years now wedding limousines have no longer been a luxury. If you want to pick a wedding limousine, you do not need to be a billionaire tycoon, or a TV star. In fact, they are generally affordable, especially if you book them in advance.

Here are some great tips for picking the perfect limo for your wedding day, one that will “wow” your guests and be the perfect accompaniment to your wedding theme: 

Go with What You Like, Not What’s Popular at the Time 

The initial thing you need to do is to think about what car you really love. Don’t think only about sedans; consider convertibles, vintage cars, SUVs – anything. Numerous companies provide wedding cars, and at least one of them is bound to have your dream car available.

Book Well in Advance 

Don’t wait until the last moment. Once you have decided on kind of wedding limousine and a price range, start searching for it. Really good cars are booked months in advance. Besides, the early bird gets a great discount! 

Ask for Enhancements and Decorations 

Go all the way! Don’t just settle for a wedding limousine. If you want the royal treatment, you should go for it. On your wedding day, no splurge is too much. Ask for special decorations on your car and for a chauffeur. Companies that offer wedding limousines can also provide you with a seasoned driver who can be extremely patient with the bride and who will truly influence royalty.

In fact, if you’ve decided that you deserve the royal treatment, you don’t even need to wait until the wedding day. One can also book a superb limo, or even better, a party bus, to have fun with friends during bachelor or bachelorette party.

Plan for Party Size

Now, the practical side: how many people will the wedding limousine have to transport? Is it just you, you and your spouse or will the in-laws or godparents be joining you? You need to decide on all of these things before you book the car. 

Wedding party sizes can range dramatically, from just the couple to well over a hundred people, so make sure that all your guests and party members have transportation accounted for, and then book accordingly.  



If you have established all the above details, it’s time to pick up the phone and book your perfect wedding car. Just think about how your guests’ heads will turn when you make your entrance in a limousine. Want an extra “wow” effect? The elegant chauffeur that will hold the door open for you is sure to dazzle everyone at your wedding.  


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