5 Tips to installing a channel amplifier in your car

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5 Tips to installing a channel amplifier in your car

Thinking of pimping your ride? Installing a good channel car amplifier will improve the quality of your music and make it play louder. But before you run to the stores to purchase an amplifier, you’ll need to identify which amp will work best with your specific stereo system. There are several types of car amplifiers out there. These include the mono channel, two channel and three channel amps.

Once you understand the amp you desire to install, you’ll still need to point out the best model for your car. Car audio logic contains valuable information that will help you choose the right channel amplifier for your car.

Here are 5 tips to installing a channel amplifier in your car:

  • Buy a separate wiring kit

It’s so exhilarating to finally buy an amp that will enhance your car’s stereo system. However, purchasing your car amplifier doesn’t quite cut it – you’ll still require to buy an amp wiring kit. Although your amp will come with some wiring, you’ll need more wires to connect your amp to your speaker and to the power source. It shouldn’t cost much to buy a complete amp wiring kit.

  • Get an ideal spot to mount your amp

Before kicking off, it’s a wise idea to locate a good place around your car where your amp can be mounted. Remember that car amplifiers generate significant amounts of heat, so it’s important to fix yours in a spot with ample ventilation. Put it somewhere you can access it with ease. For instance, you can mount it underneath the car seat or alternatively build a custom rack where you can place it.

  • Running your wires

The next step should be to run a cable from your car’s battery to the amplifier. You simply need to cut a small section of the power cable and remove the insulation covering the two ends of your cable. Be careful not to injure yourself when stripping the wires. Attaching the power wire is pretty straightforward – one end is crimped to the terminal ring while the other is attached to the fuse holder. You can conceal the cables under the car’s carpet.

  • Connecting your amp to the stereo

There are basically two cables that will help you accomplish this connection successfully: the signal and turn-on cables. Your amplifier wiring kit already includes the turn-on cable. This cable should be connected to the turn-on lead remotely located on the wiring harness of your stereo. It’s often blue in color. Read from your manual and plug the RCA signal cables into your stereo RCA outputs.

  • Ground your amp

Some car enthusiasts forget to connect the ground wire. After connecting your primary cables, cut a small length of wire and connect to your car’s chassis. Fasten your ground cable onto any suitable bolt. And since the ground terminal should touch your car’s bare metal directly, ensure that you sand off the paint at the ground wire’s point of contact.


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