Car Ramps

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How to use car ramps

As a car owner you get the occasional need to check your car, or fix something, or for the enthusiasts they just want to check what sort of car parts you have so as to judge its performance. Raising your car off the ground so as to service it is the ideal differentiating factor that helps in defining a good. The use of a ramp is basically way cheaper compared to the use of a garage lifts, granted you will not achieve the height of the garage lift but you have an advantage in terms of cost and ease of use and accessibility, they are so easy to use for the do it yourself folks out there.

To find the best car ramps ideal to your needs there are a few factors to note: 


First thing to note is that all ramps are not the same they vary in shape and sizes and the most important difference to note is the ramp’s weight or carrying capacity. Make sure the floor you wish to use is even and not slippery on any way . Make sure the ramps you want to use have a rubber stops that will prevent it from sleeping. We recommend you to get ramps with either a punch plated surface or a serrated surface this helps to hold the car tires firmly therefore reducing fraction. 


 After checking on the requirements mentioned above then you are ready to go: 


  1. Make sure the wheels of your vehicle are perfectly aligned the front tires should not be facing a contrary direction.


  1. Slide a ramp under each of the front tires and make sure that the ramps are perfectly centered to avoid any mishaps. For those who want to raise the whole car then insert the ramps under the back wheels too and center them too.


  1. Get into the car and drive up the ramps slowly but steadily until it levels out. If you are using ramps for the first time then keep in mind that you may need a little more power to get up the ramps just make sure not to overdo it. You will feel something like a bump when you get onto the top or alternatively you may ask a buddy to come and be your eyes as you use the ramps and they’ll tell you when the car has leveled out.


  1. Upon reaching the top turn off the vehicle and put into park mode, Engage parking brakes . Make sure you put it in park mode and engage the parking brakes this point is important therefore emphasis.


  1. Insert wheel chocks on the tires. 


  1. Upon finishing what it was that you wanted to do to your vehicle remove the wheel chocks.
  2. Get into the car and disengage the parking brakes and put the car on and put the car into reverse mode.


  1. Drive down the ramp.


  1. Check the ramps for damages or anything out of the ordinary and store then in a safe place till the next time you desire to use them.


So if you want to do some service on your car at home don’t let the cost of a quality ramp be the reason you fail so just obtain a quality ramp and regularly maintain it and then follow the steps above and you will end up being satisfied by the service it provides. If you ever encounter a problem during the set up that you will not be able to sort out you can call a mechanic. 



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