*Disclosure: I received product free for review. These thoughts are solely my own.

Grabease utensils are one of the safest ways your child can start self feeding. These utensils are designed to give your toddler the opportunity to eat independently with a proportional tool for their natural hand grasp and has a choke free shield. These utensils are great for the baby led weaning stage or toddler feeding. Occupational Therapists highly recommend this for children’s finger strength development. Grabease comes in a number of colors including teal, orange, grey, white, pink and green. Each set includes a spoon and a fork and you can get sets in a double or a trio a combo of five.

Grabease utensils are dishwasher safe and BPA free. ¬†They come in an idividual box set with a travel EVA pouch and stickers. The chic packaging complies with all the USA regulations- BPA free, non-toxic plastic, and Phthalates free. I gave these utensils to a 2.5 year old to use that is not very good with traditional children’s utensils. He was able to use these with ease. They are ergonomic and easier to hold and use. Usually he just gives up and uses his hands. I personally love the choke free shield. He tends to chew on his utensils and shove them in his mouth and the shields prevent him from doing that.

I also love the fact that each set comes in a pouch. I can keep a few sets at home, and keep a set in the diaper bag so he has them to use when we go out to a restaurant or to a friends house to eat. The colors are very chic and fun for your toddler or baby to use so they can be excited about eating!

If you would like to purchase Grabease utensils you can find them HERE.


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