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I love this quote on Simple Wishes about me page: “A woman who feels supported has a tremendous amount to give to her family and community. We work hard to help her so she can spread the love.” That is a very powerful message and Oh so true in a women’s breastfeeding journey. Breastfeeding is HARD and it is said that a woman that has support during this time is more successful. This is not saying a woman that does not have support can not be successful because I know many women that persist. But personally even, I know that being able to ask my friends for advice or if something is normal, and having the support of a significant other is so helpful.

Simple Wishes is a sister owned and operated business. Their mission is to provide exceptional products that support women during their breastfeeding journey to help give them a stronger sense of confidence in their ability to provide for their family and themselves.

Simple wishes has a number of breastfeeding products for whatever stage in this journey you are in. I love that the nursing bras are cute and provide full support. The Supermom all in one bra provides you all the versatility of a nursing bra AND a pumping bra. So wherever you are you can easily nurse your baby or pump milk for them. This bra cost no more then a bra at you popular under garment stores and is so useful, especially when you are out and about.

The Signature Hands Free pump bra gives moms the best gift, the gift of time, being able to use their hands while they are pumping. It is adjustable in size using high quality velcro for a perfect fit as you change in size over time. Simple wishes also has a tank top and slip as well!

If you are interested in learning more about Simple Wishes you can find more information HERE.


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