Stork Babies

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Stork babies were designed to provide children with adorable companions to dazzle their imaginations and to remind them of their worth. Stork Babies has multiple different collections including The French Collection, The Spanish Collection, The Italian Collection and The Diamond Collection. Each Stork Baby has their own quote and information making each one unique and relatable to children. The Fiammetta Toy Company that makes Stork Babies has five main beliefs. These are to love and feel good about yourself, believe in your dreams and goals, be thankful for the simple things in the world, accept all that is around you, and be good to others.

Each baby is about the size of your palm, letting them be easy to hold and play with for children of many ages. You can find a baby with the same hair and eye color as your child or pick the baby that has the same interests as them. If your child has multiple interests they can collect many different babies. Each doll is inspiring which is no surprise with the amazing beliefs of the company. The dolls are very reasonably priced and range from 6.99-12.99 or you can purchase each collection as a whole.

The Fiammetta Toy Company also has Bella Bunnies. When you order these cute bunnies you never know which color ribbon you will get. The fun part about these bunnies is you can take off the bow and wear it in your hair if you wanted! These bunnies are Oh so soft with a squishy bunny for your child to love and hold. Bella Bunnies are 12.99. What makes them unique is they have one long ear and one short ear.

If you would like to purchase Stork Babies are Bella Bunnies you can find them HERE. Be sure to use the code  FREESURPRIZEDOLL  and when you place order you will receive a free doll.


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