How to Embrace Your Competitive Nature 

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How to Embrace Your Competitive Nature 


Some of us enjoy being safe; others thrive in competition. How you operate is personal to you, but you need to learn how to harness your energy so that you can thrive in every situation, rather than let your nature hinder your progress. It can be all too easy to let a trait like competitiveness hurt your relationships, and even your career. This happens when you become unsportsmanlike, and this happens when you are a poor winner (and a sore loser). However, when you have the need to win and to always be number one, finding the ideal outlet for such a need is crucial for everyone’s happiness and wellbeing. 


Stop trying to suppress your competitive nature. To be your best, happiest self, you need to embrace your nature, and you need to find healthy outputs. Therefore, if you have a competitive nature, consider the following: 


  1. Pick a New Sport or Continue an Old One 

When you’re competitive, you need to find an outlet. While it’s good to be competitive at work, it can lead to frustrations from those you’re competing with; rather than cause bad workplace relationships, you should find a positive outlet in another form. 


For many people, choosing a sport, or upping the stakes of one the already partake in, can be a great means of release. Instead of having to cloak your competitive nature, you’re about to embrace it fully. If you’re yet to find a sport, then make sure you explore all your options. Great sports for those with a competitive nature include tennis, football, and even stunt scootering. 


If you already have a sport you love, then make sure to up the stakes. For instance, if you love skateboarding or scootering, then treat yourself to better equipment that’ll let your tricks and skills shine. If you’re still using a scooter designed for beginner, then you’re going to outgrow it soon and become bored of the sport. However, if you treat yourself to a brand that’s iconic in the scootering scene and used by some of the leading professionals out there, then you’ll have more inclination to keep going. If you’re looking for a new scooter, then pioneers of the sport District Scooters are an iconic scooter choice. Not only are they designed for the best, but they’ll make you move like one, too. For more information on the brand’s specs and models, make sure to check out the full District Scooters collection.  


  1. Working in a Team  

Working in a team of equal professionals can also be very healthy, especially if you aren’t competing against anyone else. Working for a goal, like reaching a certain number of sales or successfully bringing a new product onto the market, can be a great way to channel your competitive nature further at work. Do this in conjunction with your new sport, and together you’ll be able to channel your competitiveness in healthy ways, that actually work for you, not against you.  


  1. Compete Not Against Others, but Against Yourself  

Competing against others can be great, but only if you have someone who is equal to you to compete against. Otherwise you are inviting in unhealthy comparisons that will do you more harm than good. Instead, compete against yourself. Write down your current self, and your current limitations. Work to beat your previous self, and you’ll improve based on your own abilities.  


Competitiveness is useful for so many of life’s endeavors. It can help you be more assertive, it can help you be a leader, it can help you triumph over self-doubt and it can help you better yourself at every turn. How you channel your competitive energy, however, will dictate how healthy your competitive nature is. Compete against yourself, and you will always do better. Compete with others, and you obsess over someone else. That is why you need to use these three healthy outputs to help channel your competitiveness for your happiness, for your health, and for your career.  


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