Organic Wine Is The Better Choice 

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Organic Wine Is The Better Choice 

Many wine-drinkers who make health and wellness a priority in other parts of their lives are also starting to be more mindful about how their wine is made. There are many benefits to drinking wine that’s certified organic; firstly, it doesn’t contain ingredients like sulfites that increase the intensity of the wine’s colour. Unfortunately, sulfites can cause adverse allergic reactions in the human body when consumed in excess. Furthermore, in the production of organic wine, growers steer clear of toxic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and GMO seeds when planting and tending to grapes, allowing shoppers to feel more confident in their selections. 


Give an organic bottle of wine a try next time you’re on the hunt for something new to sip on. When you order from retailers like Wine Online, you can easily filter your search to show only organic selections — and through a delivery service you can get wine delivered to your home in a few short business days. Take for example the Triomphe Riesling VQA by Southbrook Vineyards. This 2016 vintage hails from the Niagara region of Canada where the grapes’ cool fermentation helps to preserve a range of fruity and floral aromas. This white is zippy with a touch of sweetness leading to a lush and tangy finish. 

Another gorgeous organic white to take stock of is Southbrook’s Poetica Chardonnay VQA, vintage 2012. Winemaker Ann Sperling selectsthe barrels for ageing herself, housing wine made from grapes picked from her Four Mile Creek vineyard which enjoys mild temperatures in a relatively cool climate area. This chardonnay is elegant, complex, with depth to its flavour and many layers to experience; it’s slightly fruity with impressive acidity. This 94-point bottle will allow you to feel assured in your selection, not only because of the exquisite taste, but the careful cultivation of this wine. 



There are many organic and affordable reds as well, available to order from regions across the globe, like the Côtes du Rhône La Devèze by Domaine de Dionysos. This 2015 vintage is primarily a blend of Grenache and Syrah with splashes of Carignan, Cinsault, and Mourvèdre. This wine opens to inviting, fresh scents of raspberries, spiced plum, pepper, and black olives. On the palate drinkers will distinguish the same juicy fruits, medium-bodied and well balanced,with good acidity. This 91-point bottle of wine from the Southern Rhône region of France can be distinguished for its cleanness, no doubt owing to the organic and sustainable farming method brightening its earthy, floral, and mineral quality. 

Organic wines use fewer chemicals and are overall a kinder option for the environment, and the wine growers and makers work with nature to protect crops and make them stronger, boosting a vineyard’s biodiversity, rather than stripping it with chemicals and harming the soil. Organic wine also contains less than half the typical amount of sulphur oxide – used as a preservative but also the main cause of headaches and general malaise experienced by many people especially after drinking a glass of red. Next time you’re looking to add to your cellar, why not make the more conscientious choice? You may just find the wine so good, you won’t go back. 


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