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Longer, Stronger: What Products Are Making Waves on the Beauty Market?

It’s 2018 and as always progress brings us better beauty products. Of course we’re always going to get new trends but only a few can stand out from the crowd. In general we are moving towards many more niche products. Much more personalized designs are available for everything from make-up to skincare, so there’s something for everyone. All natural products are getting a huge buzz too, as are oral supplements. These are all great for both skin and hair care, though hair care is where we’re looking at the moment. 

Hair Problems 

With approximately 21 million women suffering from hair loss it’s easy to see why it’s a focal point for many people. On top of hair loss, many men and women suffer with issues like split ends, greasy hair, dandruff or lack of volume. So what exactly can we do to make our hair look and feel beautiful, or to bring it back from the point of falling out? 

Trimming & Styling – So basic! Get those split ends cut out of your hair, and be gentle when styling it. Try to avoid harsh products, and always brush long hair to stop it tangling! Brushing also helps the overall look of your hair and can promote a healthy scalp. 

Cleaning – Cleanliness is essential! Beyond that it’s important to use products that suit your hair type. Dry and oily hair will need different shampoos, but you can also get types specifically designed for your hair color, to add volume. These days there’s even been significant developments in hair growth shampoos! Also be sure to use a conditioner after shampooing, and don’t neglect the vital drying process! Avoid excess heat and try to let hair dry as naturally as possible. 

Treatments – Using deep conditioning treatments, oils and hair masks all help to keep your locks lush and healthy. Be careful with other types of treatment which can damage your hair, like dyes or bleach. If you really want to use dyes, go for natural products when possible and avoid formaldehyde. With up to 40% of women experiencing hair loss by age 40, you really don’t want to aid the process by damaging your hair. 

Diet – To produce strong, healthy hair your body needs nutrients. This means you have to eat/drink those nutrients. Foods like nuts, fish, eggs and fruits all have essential vitamins and minerals for your hair. Proper water intake is important too. To top it all off there are supplements specifically designed to help hair care. Some may bring extra collagen, while others top up growth vitamins like C, E and B12. 

Protection – A lot of people neglect this. Brush your hair before bed to keep it tangle free, and tie it loosely. Cover it in harsh, damaging outdoor environments. Protect it from prolonged sun exposure, and keep hair care products clean. In fact, try to only use hair accessories which won’t put unnecessary stress on your hair. 


Keeping this info in mind, you can start enjoying healthier and fuller hair, and even regrowth if needed. Just remember you have to take action to get results! 




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