Tips on Choosing a Perfect Bouquet

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Tips on Choosing a Bouquet for your Loved Ones

Since the dawn of time and throughout the Victorian era till to date, flowers have a long-standing reputation for expression. They are beautiful, natural and fragrant, peering beyond the measure of words, imbued with the power of professing one’s feelings to their loved ones. Altogether helping relationships bloom for such is the splendour flowers.

Choosing the perfect bouquet for your loved ones plays a huge role in stirring the sought after emotional response and thus making the right choice is critical.

For that reason, while picking the perfect bouquet of flowers for your loved ones, you need to take into deliberation several number of things so that the bouquet of flowers you pick shall help your love blossom.

Detailed below are tips on choosing the perfect flower bouquet for your loved Ones:

What to do if you know your loved one’s favourite flowers

1. Your Loved One’s Favourite Flowers and/or Colours

Detail is key. Nothing beats noticing the infinitesimal of details and acknowledging them with your gestures. So, doing a little homework into your loved one’s flower preference, as well as what colour they like and so on will play a huge role on receptivity and stirring that emotional response that you so forth seek.

2. Consider where your Loved One shall Keep those Flowers

Always be mindful of where your loved shall keep those flowers after receiving them. This falls down to two considerations. The first being that if your loved one has/ owns a large apartment then gifting a bouquet of infinite roses or her favourite flower won’t be of concern. However, if your loved one stays in a small apartment then consider going for a bouquet of say 12 flowers.

3. Contemplate on how your Loved One shall care for the Flowers

How long does your loved one stay at home and on that note, and will taking care of the flowers be a stress-free task for them? If yes, then gift them their most favourite flowers. On the other hand, upon the conclusion of that they will not have sufficient time to care for the flowers, then gift a variety that will last longer unlike popular choices

What to do if you’re unfamiliar with your loved ones preferred flowers

Flowers are a broad and bold classic, different colours and genres infer to varying meanings. So, if you’re unfamiliar with your loved ones preferred selection here are some time classics to set you off in the right direction.

1. Red Roses – Unmistakable expression of Love

Rich in beauty, fragrance and passion red roses convey emotions of desire or longing. Synonymous to adoration, Red roses symbolize the unmistakable expression of love with the number of roses in bouquet having special meaning. The most widely held being 12 red roses, which convey the message of “I love you” and or “be mine”.

2. Orchids – Love & Admiration

The Orchid is a flower of beauty, love, magnificence, thoughtfulness, and wisdom, conveying the message of passion and perfection. From its unadulterated significance of refinement, to its symbolism of love, admiration, and respect, the Orchids particularly the magnificent purple blooms convey meaning beyond the reach of words.

3. Carnations – Affection, Love

Carnations are expressive flowers, rich with a history filled with legend and symbolism. Recognised to be graceful, gentle and glorious, carnations represent beauty, purity and fascination in love.

4. Tulips – Perfect Love

Tulips, in general, signify “perfect love”, with Red tulips being most universally associated with true love, as with royalty to purple tulips. Tulips are a great choice, with more varieties such as the variegated tulips representing beautiful eyes. Tulips indeed are a keeper.

Flowers are a love’s treasure. At 1-800-Flowers, a bouquet of flowers peers beyond the measure of words. Choosing the right and perfect bouquet flowers elicit long-lasting impressions all together helping love and relationships bloom. To that end, choose the right and fitting bouquet for your loved ones and stir the sought after emotional response.


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