Tips, Tricks, and Benefits of Car Detailing

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Tips, Tricks, and Benefits of Car Detailing

Professional detailers and valets have a real knack for making cars look amazing. Moreover, when you use these services, your automobile will maintain its sleek, eye-catching appearance for some time to come. You should know that the best car detailing company always has the right maintenance, enhancement, and detailing tools on hand. Following are five tips, tricks, and benefits of car detailing that no auto owner should miss out on.

1. Start With Premium Supplies

You might be tempted to grab an old bucket, a sponge, and a few ripped up rags for your DIY detailing. Rather than using general purpose cleaners and tools that are used to dust or polish inside your home, you want to use products that are specifically designed for this purpose, and solely dedicated to it. Invest in several high-quality, microfibre towels. Get a sufficiently large, non-abrasive sponge, and buckets that are reserved for washing your car and nothing else. This will help you avoid getting corrosive or abrasive residues from other do-it-yourself projects on your car’s paint.

2. Don’t Double Dip

Instead of having just one bucket to wash your car with, use two. Fill one with rinse water and one with warm, soapy water for washing. When you clean your rag, you’ll get rid of grit and other sharp debris in your rinse bucket, while keeping your washing water clear and clean. This is a great way to prevent tiny scratches and unsightly streaks.

3. Freshen Up Your AC Vents With A Can Of Compressed Air

Some drivers don’t like the often overpowering smell of leave-in air fresheners. If the inside of your car is truly clean, you won’t really need to overpower any unpleasant odors with these annoyingly pungent fragrances. One easy way to make your vehicle smell like it just rolled off the assembly line is by cleaning out your AC vents with a can of compressed air. This way, whenever you turn your heater or your AC on, you won’t be overwhelmed by a pervasive, burnt or dusty odor. If you clean your AC vents before vacuuming, you can even improve your car’s indoor air quality of your vehicle by eliminating many airborne particulates.

4. Brush Your Carpets Before Vacuuming

Nothing is more frustrating than thoroughly vacuuming your vehicle only to discover that countless crumbs are still trapped in the carpet fibres. Always start by removing any child car seats and vacuuming behind them. Vacuuming your upholstery first will prevent you from brushing loose crumbs onto an already-vacuumed floor. Next, use a stiff brush to agitate the carpeting so that trapped particulates rise to the surface where they can be easily suctioned up.

5. Roll Your Windows Down A Bit Before Cleaning Them

Rolling your windows down just a bit will prevent excess cleaning spray from getting trapped in the jamb where it may cause streaks later on. You should also dry the interior and exterior of your windows in different directions. This will make it much easier to identify the side with remaining dirt, streaks or grime.

These are just five of many strategies for detailing your car like a pro. Not surprisingly, the benefits of regular detailing are just as numerous.

For instance, you can:

  • Preserve the resale value of your vehicle.
  • Increase the aesthetic beauty of your auto.
  • Make your car more pleasant and fun to drive.
  • Enjoy the sense of relaxation and accomplishment that comes from a surprisingly cathartic activity.

You don’t have to pay a fortune to enjoy clean, streak-free windows and that coveted, new car smell. You just need the right tools and methods for getting the job done like a professional. With the five tips above, you can have your car looking its best in no time.

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