About Me




 I like to think I’m pretty awesome! 
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      I am a Fun Energetic mother I am currently a stay at home mom for the time being.  I have two girls that just rule my every waking moment. I also have a little man that rules not only waking moments but sleeping ones too! We love finding fun things to do and traveling anywhere we can. We make an adventure out of everything. You can’t imagine what my backyard has been or the down stairs closet lead too! I love blogging and feel passionate about it. Actually quite my job to focus more on blogging as my business and to be here for my kids. Just one perk of being a blogger. It’s fun to try to bring some of my personality into my posts. I’m not perfect and why would I wanna be!!! Being yourself and showing your kids that is ok, is the best thing to teach them growing up. (of course along with please and thank you) As well as to be excepting of everyone along the walk of life.
Blogging is a great way to keep up to date on whats up and bring able to explain new products or info to people! I enjoy being in the “knowing zone” as I call it! I’m the go to pal when it comes to new things! Its also a great bonus that you can voice your opinion and people actually read it and most of the time relate to it. I also LOVE baking. I may not be the Suzy in Homemaking but I do try “some days”. I love to try new things always!
I am honest and some days too honest! It’s just life. My site is a little bit about everything. So if I am talking about the latest baby swing one day and adult only drinks the next. It’s all apart of what everyone’s life really is about. I’m human and a mom. Things happen, are said, and done. All you have to do at the end of every good or bad story is to keep looking forward at your new one. 
I am always up for travel! <3 I hope I get to visit some amazing places one day. New Zeland being my number one!
Here are some pictures of me and my Family! Check out Instagram for a lot more looks into my everyday life!
I am 26
Oldest daughter  Natalia
Youngest daughter Kaylin
My son Logan

My family!
My son was born early by 5 weeks. He was in the NICU for week. That was the longest/hardest time ever mentally, physically and every other way you’d like to put. I think I only kept going because of hospital coffee, friends/family,  and faith it would be over soon.Praying everyday was our last!
My oldest is very goofy and has a crazy amount of energy! My youngest is the girly girl and loves to just be a girl! The boy- Well He’s the baby!
The best picture you all are gonna get of all three of them for the time being!
Ok so I ALWAYS go picture crazyyy!!
Hope you enjoyed !!