Kraft Chix

*Disclosure: I have received product free for review. These thoughts are solely my own. Krafty Chix is the handmade and boutique items for the every day chix. So many of the items on Krafty Chix are individualized to tell your story. As you browse through their website you will see something for many of the women, and some men, in your life! One of my favorite, and one of their best selling products, is the 'Mamas little birdies' bracelet. ... ...continue reading

3 Tips To Scoring High Fashion On A Low Budget

All opinions are mine and mine.   3 Tips To Scoring High Fashion On A Low Budget  As a fashionista, there’s almost nothing more exciting than having that latest luxury item swinging from your shoulder or wrapped around your body. Whether it’s Gucci, Louis, Prada or any other, these brands are synonymous with class, luxury and high-fashion, and they’re sought after by many women around the world. However, not everyone has the deep pockets to ... ...continue reading

Fashion Trends to Watch This Fall 

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Fashion Trends to Watch This Fall  As we wave goodbye to summer and say hello to fall, our minds are turning away from our summer fashion choices to focus on how to keep ourselves warm this winter. This summer saw a number of fashion styles all jockeying for prime position in wardrobes throughout the nation, and among them was the resurgence of the 80’s party style which heavily featured bright, neon ... ...continue reading

One Tribe Apparel Clothing

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Maybe it was because I was more tomboy than girly girl when I was a teenager but since those days I've always had a fondness for loose, comfortable clothing. I wasn't all hoodies and ratty jeans, I did like things with a feminine touch however I did enjoy clothing that didn't restrict movement and that I could breath in. Lots of cotton shirts and comfortable jeans were my go-to back in those days. As I got ... ...continue reading

How to Select a Swimsuit That Flatters Your Body Shape 

All opinions are mine and mine alone. How to Select a Swimsuit That Flatters Your Body Shape  With the weather lovely and warm right now, it’s the perfect time to spend lazy weekends lying by a pool or refreshing mornings cooling off with a dip in the ocean. To do this, you want to have one or more swimsuits on hand that you truly feel comfortable in.   For most women though, selecting swimwear can be stressful and daunting, especially if ... ...continue reading

Accessories are Important

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Accessories are Important: Handbags Make a Great Addition to Your Wardrobe      The history of accessories can be traced back a long way: from Ancient Egyptian headdresses, worn to keep the upper-class cool; to shell, teeth or bone necklaces, worn up to 40,000 years ago around the world. Some were created for practicality, some as a symbol of social status and some simply as a form of self-expression, ... ...continue reading

Prolong The Life Of Your Best Clothes

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Clothes shopping has become a chore. These days, clothes are made from cheap material that will inevitably wear out or tear within a few months of you buying the clothes - or sooner if it’s something you wear on a regular basis. You can spend an entire weekend browsing store after store looking for the perfect, yet budget-friendly, pair of jeans, only to repeat the exercise all over again in a few months. ... ...continue reading

The Latest Men´s Jean Trends 

All opinions are mine and mine alone. The Latest Men´s Jean Trends  If you are stuck for a present idea for your man, why not buy him a pair of jeans. Most men own at least one pair, and wear them whenever they can. There is plenty of choice, so it is really easy to find something suitable. Just click here and you will soon see what I mean. This retailer stocks over 300 different types of jeans, so it is practically impossible not to find a ... ...continue reading

Great Gifts for People Who Are Always Cold

All opinions are mine and mine alone. We all know somebody who is cold, no matter what the weather. Whether they operate more like lizards who need the sun for warmth or they just have thin skin, the always cold part of the population feels things a little differently than the rest of us.And while we often have a good-natured laugh at their expense, we know our freezing friend just wants to be cozy. Here are some awesome gift ideas to warm ... ...continue reading

The Best Jewelry For Mom This Mother’s Day

All opinions are mine and mine alone. The Best Jewelry For Mom This Mother’s Day There are just a couple of weeks left to shop for Mother’s Day, which falls on Sunday, May 14th this year! So, if you haven’t gotten your mother a gift yet, it’s time to start looking. One of the most special gifts you can give your mother is jewelry. A classic piece of fine jewelry is a beauti-ful gift that she can treasure forever. There’s no better gift to ... ...continue reading