Wedding Photo Over Load

I did not receive anything for this post. All opinion are mine and mine alone. We got our wedding photos back! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook. You may have seen some already! these are the final ones! Thanks to my amazing photographer Rebekah! not only is her style amazing. Look at her portfolio! But she travels and helps orphans and volunteers. Truly an amazing selfless person! So she does travel! Her site is HERE  Feel free to ... ...continue reading

Mission Belt No Holes Belt

Mission Belt Sent me a few items to check out. All opinions are mine and mine alone. I came across a company that I thought that you, my readers, would want to know about. The company is called Mission Belt and they create and sell belts for all and any occasion. If you need a nice belt to use as an accessory to accent to your work attire, a dinner date, or even to show support for your sports team, then Mission Belt may suit your needs. ... ...continue reading

Boobs and Oversized Shirts- The Battle!

All opinions in this post are mine and mine alone. I received nothing for this post. Let me start by saying I am not the most confident person, never have been. I feel as though I am huge now compared to when I was like 19. If  I could go back in time and slap myself silly for thinking back then that I was fat or whatever I thought then. I so would! After kids its hard to find your groove again. Also I gained hips and huge boobs! So lots of ... ...continue reading

Back To School Fashionista

This post is brought to you by Cherokee. All opinions are mine and mine alone. Back to school shopping is in full swing. While some kids get to wear whatever they want and some have uniforms. Uniforms aren't a bad thing. YOu can still express yourself as long as your school allows it. There's many ways to add a pop of color to any wardrobe. Cherokee kids clothing at Target is amazing. They have clothing to fit anyone on a budget, budgets. I ... ...continue reading


This post is brought to you by ONYX XOXO. All opinions are mine and mine alone. Looking for a statement piece of jewelry that you can tell a story about. ONYX XOXO is perfect for that. They embrace different. The jewelry is designed for everyday superhero from a board meeting or on stage. Even a afternoon conference and then a night out. When you choose your own unique piece from ONYX you will fall in love instantly. I know I did. I am not ... ...continue reading

Children’s Place Dresses

I received product samples in exchange  for my post. All opinions are mine and mine alone. Are you looking some super cute dresses for a special occasion? Maybe even a dress for just play. Children's Place has it all and at a steal! I love shopping there because of all the amazing deals. They almost always have a coupon out. I feel better about my buy if I have a coupon, so that helps a ton. They also have really good quality clothing for a ... ...continue reading

LUGZ For Infants!

I got product samples in exchange for this post. All opinions are mine and mine alone. My son is now wearing big boy shoes. We needed something that would be comfy but also durable. He is a boy after all. I love LUGZ. Their quality has always out lasted for me. I thought let's try them for my son and he loves them. Their shoes are constantly changing. They always have something that is in style! Check out their new fall line! Winter is ... ...continue reading

5 Ways to Wear Thigh-High Boots

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Think Valentines Outfits! 5 Ways to Wear Thigh-High Boots Thigh-high boots are certainly making a comeback in the fashion world. They are especially trendy for the fall and winter and many designers have included them in their seasonal collections. Because these boots are so tall, they are always the focal point of an outfit, and there are a number of ways that you can use them to achieve different ... ...continue reading

Tip For A Natural You

I may have received samples of products in exchange for this post. All opinions are mine and mine alone. 2015! I have said I'd do many things this year! Let's Just say with a wedding to plan, kids in school, toddler at home, blogging, it is getting off to a slow start! Hey, it's only January! One thing I did start to do is go some days with less. Everyone says less is more right? I have tried to go nude more so these days! I mean on my face. ... ...continue reading

Looking For Some Snow Boots

I received product samples in exchange for my post. All opinions are mine and mine alone. So it's about that time for snow! I love wearing my super cozy boots all winter long. There are times when it snows, rain, or icy outside and I need something more durable. I still want them to be cute too. Well LUGZ has A boot called Tambora and they are all the above. They are great! The Tambora boot from Lugz is so comfy and warm and perfect for ... ...continue reading