All opinions are mine and mine alone. "A beautiful woman." Doesn't that sound like a beautiful product you would want to buy? That is what SUNDÃRI means in Sanskrit. Our skin is an essential part of our body and keeping it healthy and beautiful is so important. That is what SUNDÃRI skincare products can do for you! SUNDÃRI products are created from the purest ingredients and rarest essences distilled from nature to create a distinctive ... ...continue reading

2018 beauty essentials

All opinions are mine and mine alone. 2018 beauty essentials– You have to accessorize and you need the right beauty essentials to help you look the part. For women who love to look their best and love to stand out the right beauty essentials will help get you there.   An eyelash curler is a great investment. It costs a few pounds, it is light, you can keep it in your purse and if you want those long-flowing, vibrant lashes, this is going to ... ...continue reading

Products That are Making Waves

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Longer, Stronger: What Products Are Making Waves on the Beauty Market? It’s 2018 and as always progress brings us better beauty products. Of course we’re always going to get new trends but only a few can stand out from the crowd. In general we are moving towards many more niche products. Much more personalized designs are available for everything from make-up to skincare, so there’s something for ... ...continue reading

Simple Ways To Save Your Hair

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Our hair is one of those things we often sacrifice in order to look good. We bleach it until it's dry and yellow, only to carry on putting chemicals on it until it's the perfect shade of pastel pink. And while the end result will make you think that it was all worth it - you really need to start thinking about the effect that all of that preparation has on your hair. Sure, you see that adverts on tv ... ...continue reading

4 Tips for Getting Summer-Body Ready Right Now 

All opinions are mine and mine alone. 4 Tips for Getting Summer-Body Ready Right Now  It might seem that the summer is far away while the cold of winter is still strong in your memory. However, if you want to look stunning in your bikini come the beach season, you need to start working right now. Getting summer-body ready can’t be accomplished in 2-3 weeks, so the sooner you start the better.  4 Effective Ways to Get Summer-Body ... ...continue reading

Beauty and Style Tips for Platinum Blondes 

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Platinum Blonde’s Guide to a Truly Stunning Look  Becoming a platinum blonde is a big and daring step. It’s a great way to express your inner self and ensure you turn heads no matter where you go. This shade of blonde looks stunning and will give you a special aura of chic. To use it to its fullest, you’ll need to have a perfect makeup and style to go with it. Platinum blonde is a fantastic color, but dying ... ...continue reading

7 Reasons You Should Be Drinking More Water

  All opinions are mine and mine alone.   It is no secret that water consumption up to 8 glasses a day keeps you refreshed, healthy and on the go. Apart from working wonders on your skin, water helps with your overall body functions too while dehydration can lead to serious health issues that are easily preventable by consuming plenty of water in the first place. Keeping a measurable filter jug or bottle with you can help you keep ... ...continue reading

10 Amazing Essential Oils Benefits

All opinions are mine and mine alone. 10 Amazing Essential Oils and How They Can Benefit You    Ever wondered why essential oils are so “essential”?     Okay, so they actually get their name because they contain the “essence” of a plant, meaning the taste or odor. But we don’t recon the double meaning is just a coincidence! Here are our top 10 essential oils and why you should probably have at least one of these in your bathroom ... ...continue reading

Want To Know What Your Makeup’s Really Doing To You?

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Picture Credit We wear makeup because we want to show our best faces to the world. Knowing you look as beautiful as possible is a sure way to boost your confidence. In many ways, makeup even has healing powers. We may wake up groggy, but a quick bit of war paint will leave us fresh and raring to go. Even a splash of lipstick can lift our moods. Many of us couldn’t be without that trusted makeup kit by our ... ...continue reading

Tighten Skin Tips

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Sagging skin is a common post-partum complaint. Skin that's been stretched to accommodate a baby has a long way to go to get back to its original size, and each woman has a different experience depending on her age, the natural elasticity of her skin, and the size and shape of her pregnancy belly. If you're not happy with your tummy's recovery, here are some options for getting rid of some of that sagging ... ...continue reading