Saving money on HIDeXtra kits for your car

All opinions are mine and mine alone. The top 3 tips to saving money on HIDeXtra kits for your car There are many types of headlights that you can use for your car. The most popular being halogen, LED, and HID bulbs. In this article we’re going to talk about HID lights and how you can save money if you ever want to get them for your car. But first, here’s a little knowledge: HID lights (high-intensity discharge kits) or xenon lights are ... ...continue reading

Be Prepared Before an Accident Occurs 

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Don't Let a Slippery Road Throw Your Family Off Track:  Be Prepared Before an Accident Occurs  Slippery roads can be a nuisance for any driver, as they can so quickly cause you to get into an accident, even when you're driving cautiously and paying attention to the rules of the road. When driving, you want your family to be as safe as possible, which is why it's highly recommended that you follow some of ... ...continue reading

Awesome Ways To Personalise Your Car!

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Buying a new car is a fantastic moment - the feel, look, and even the smell of a brand new set of wheels is a simple pleasure in life. The trouble is, once you get it off the forecourt, you’ll notice that what felt completely unique on your test drive might not be so different on the road. Let’s face it unless you can afford a fantastic car, the chances are that thousands - possibly millions - of other ... ...continue reading

Solving The Problem Of Driving Costs For Young Drivers

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Young people can’t wait to start driving - it’s a sure sign they are well on the road towards adulthood, and it gives them more independence than they have ever had before. The trouble is, the vast majority of youngsters are in for a nasty shock. The cost of driving lessons, insurance and even just buying a car can mean many can’t afford to get behind the wheel unless they are lucky enough to have wealthy ... ...continue reading

First Car Fears

All opinions are mine and mine alone. There are a lot of great firsts in your life. First pet, first day at school, first kiss, but few are more significant than the day you get your first car. Suddenly it's like there's a whole world open to you that you were never fully able to experience before. However, as exciting as it can be it can also be incredibly scary to find yourself putting down a considerable sum of money on a car. In order to ... ...continue reading

Avoiding Accidents and Breakdowns On The Road

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Breaking down in the car is nothing short of a nightmare. If you’re lucky, you’ll breakdown in a quiet street, or somewhere you can easily get the car off the road and out of harm’s way. If you’re unlucky, it could happen in the middle of the motorway, on an island or another busy fast road- putting you and your car in serious jeopardy. While sometimes things can spontaneously go wrong, there are actually ... ...continue reading

Dealing With Nerves As A New Driver

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Joining the driving world can be a scary experience. Whilst you were learning, you had comfort in the knowledge that an experienced driver was sitting beside you and guiding you through the process of mastering the roads. Now, you realize you’re a responsible driver who has to make decisions alone, but this is nothing of which you should be nervous; you have your license for a reason. Here are some tips to ... ...continue reading

The Essential Guide To Buying Your First Car

All opinions are mine and mine alone. There is nothing quite as exciting as buying your first ever car. It has probably taken you years to save up for it but finally the moment is here. You can wave goodbye to begging your parents to borrow the family car and being told that you have to get it back by a certain time. You can go where you want, whenever you want and take anyone that you choose with you! Now it is just you and the open road. Or ... ...continue reading

Gifts To Make Him Go Vroooom!

All opinions are mine and mine alone. If the man in your life loves his motors, you will probably want to get him something car or motorbike related for his next birthday or Christmas. Struggling to come up with a cool idea? No worries; here are some gifts and presents that are sure to make him go vroom! Subscription To His Favorite Auto Magazine If your guy loves reading about all kinds of cars, then he will be delighted when you tell ... ...continue reading

Could The All New Land Rover Defender Be The 4×4 You’ve Been Waiting For?

All opinions are mine and mine alone. You either love or hate Land Rover Defenders. If you are in the ‘love them’ camp you are a real enthusiast who will spend hours caring for your pride and joy. If you hate them, you wouldn’t entertain riding around in such a cumbersome vehicle let alone paying good money for them! The Land Rover Defender is now out of production and this has been widely lamented. However, something rather exciting is ... ...continue reading