Creating the Perfect Home Theater

All opinions are mine and mine alone. A Night In at the Movies: Creating the Perfect Home Theater System A night out at the movies isn’t cheap and that’s just regarding the price of tickets. Food and drinks add to the bill. A night in a cramped theater with limited seating could cost you more than you would bargain for. It’s reason many decide to create their own experience at home. Here’s how to comprise the perfect home theater ... ...continue reading

6 Ways to Spend Your Time With Use

All opinions are mine and mine alone. You can turn your regular time off into productive free time  It would seem that of all people, students must value their time as their most precious asset. After all, you have to adopt some time-management skills to be able to do all that paper writing and still find time for some other activities, unrelated to your academic endeavors.  Unfortunately, only the most productive ones realize that time is ... ...continue reading

Tips For Simplicity, For Women Who Work At Home

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Women Who Work at Home: A Daily Schedule to Simplify Your Life Working from home can be both a blessing and a curse: sure, you have the freedom to work at your own pace, in comfy clothes; but, then again, you have the freedom to work at your own pace, in comfy clothes. This can be a problem for a lot of people, leading to wasted time and unproductive days because you just can’t motivate yourself like you ... ...continue reading


All opinions are mine and mine alone. Christmas just passed and New Year is in full swing. Our kids will be a year older. If you think a year older is nothing, just wait! It seems them completely change some years. This year my 8 year old got a ipod touch. It's a big step because thats a lot of free range. of course we monitor it as best as we can, has passwords, no texting etc. Next thing she is going to want is an iPhone. When she is in ... ...continue reading

iPhone 7 Gear

All opinions are mine and mine alone. If your anyone that follows social media or the next new iPhone then you know of the iPhone 7. Well a lot of people already have one, not including me. I'm still on the iphone 6s plus. So Maybe I'm just waiting for the Sssssss version to appear. (LOL) Anyway the iPhone 7 needs protection against us. I myself can not go a day without dropping it or holding onto it. Having a case on it is a plus. It gives me ... ...continue reading

The Grid

Brought to you by The Grid. All opinions are mine and mine alone. New year is apon us and everyone has new goals. Lot of people start blogs or a new business. Some just want a website of their own. The Grid is as easy as a social network. It's built for some serious writing too. Say you run into an epic story and it has to be shared. This doesn't happen everyday but today it did. The grid is an amazing place to share and stories such as these ... ...continue reading

Clean While You Wine #HappySweeping #bObiClassic

Post is brought to your by BOBi. All opinions are mine and mine alone. #bobsweep #bObsweepfamily #HappySweeping #bObiClassic #bObiPet  #bObsweepPetHair  #PetHairPlus Fall is almost here and it's that time of year I like to open my windows and clean. I also have three kids, three cats, one dog, and a husband. So the in and out of the house already drives me crazy but in fall i swear its worse. My kids are tracking in dead grass, leaves, I even ... ...continue reading

M-12C Paper Shredder

I received product in exchnage for my post. all opinions are mine and mine alone. Ever feel like you always have paper to shred? I am always getting credit card offers with those fake cards with my name on in the mail, and quite frankly, I do not trust putting them in my trash whole. You really could not be more protective of your identity today. When searching for a good paper shredder you need to take so many things into consideration. How ... ...continue reading

Getting It Together Apps

All opinions are mine and mine alone Getting It Together: Apps That Can Make Your Life Simpler We all live crazy-busy lives. The thing is that most of us have found ways to cope. If you’re still struggling, it’s probably because you’re not using these apps to help simplify your life. Mint is probably the most recognizable name in personal finance. Owned by Intuit, it makes it easy for you to to aggregate financial data ... ...continue reading

Kolibree Giveaway $175 Value

This blog did not receive anything for this post. All opinions are mine and mine alone Kolibree is an amazing product when it comes to toothbrushes. It turns brushing teeth into a game for kids but also gives the parents the power that they need to get their kids brushing. Kolibree has created what is the smartest toothbrush that is available on the market today. Brushing teeth should be fun and that’s how the experience is with the ... ...continue reading