Tips For spending 1 week in Santorini 

All opinions are mine and mine alone.   How to Spend 1 week in Santorini  Santorini is probably one of the most recognizable islands in the world.  The crater rim which rises out of the Aegean Sea is the remains of a volcanic explosion in the fifteenth century.  The whitewashed cubiform houses of the two main towns, Fira and Oia, cling to the cliffs which sweep down to beaches of black, white and red lava pebbles.  Although Santorini is a ... ...continue reading

First Car Fears

All opinions are mine and mine alone. There are a lot of great firsts in your life. First pet, first day at school, first kiss, but few are more significant than the day you get your first car. Suddenly it's like there's a whole world open to you that you were never fully able to experience before. However, as exciting as it can be it can also be incredibly scary to find yourself putting down a considerable sum of money on a car. In order to ... ...continue reading

Useful Ways To Promote Your Blog

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Useful Ways To Promote Your Blog Creating a blog is hard work and it’s time consuming. It makes sense you want it to reach as many people as possible. The harsh reality is that it’s difficult to earn traffic and is frustrating when you don’t know where to turn to solve the problem. The best advice is to start taking action and seeing where it goes. Give yourself a break and realize it’s an issue many ... ...continue reading

Dealing With Nerves As A New Driver

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Joining the driving world can be a scary experience. Whilst you were learning, you had comfort in the knowledge that an experienced driver was sitting beside you and guiding you through the process of mastering the roads. Now, you realize you’re a responsible driver who has to make decisions alone, but this is nothing of which you should be nervous; you have your license for a reason. Here are some tips to ... ...continue reading

Travel Checklist: 4 Must-Haves Before Boarding A Plane

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Imagine the scene. Your bags are packed, you have your passport in hand, and you’re about to board a plane. What a time to be alive! But, before you hop on, find your seat and view the in-flight entertainment, you have to cover all the bases. What does that mean? It means every traveler needs to ensure they have four things before they land on the other side. If you don’t, your trip may not go to plan. In ... ...continue reading

What A Difference A Week Makes: Holiday In Dubai

All opinions are mine and mine alone The Jewel of the Middle East is the rightful and proud name of the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. Adorned with shopping malls, fashion shows, jewelry stores and exciting family-friendly activities. Indeed, the city has anything for anyone, and at no point in time will you be bored during your week’s holiday. But, there’s always more than just sunbathing, you may have traveled so far that to ... ...continue reading

Archive Rentals Wedding Needs

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Looking for a rental place that will hit it out of the park! Archive Rentals is your stop. They have an amazing eye for detail. They offer so many services from full event designing to florals, etc. Maybe you need san diego wedding rentals. They have you covered too. Some of the work they created looks like it came right out of a book. Archive Rentals bring the wow factor. They make it a breeze in ... ...continue reading

Tips for Scuba Diving on Holiday

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Tips for Scuba Diving on Holiday If you are headed to a tropical destination or just somewhere with lots of marine life, one of the most popular activities is to go scuba diving. It is an experience unlike any other – to be submerged beneath turquoise waters, witnessing the brilliance of Mother Nature. Although it should certainly be at the very top of your list, diving is not to be taken lightly. There ... ...continue reading

8 Coffee Houses in Prague

All opinions are mine and mine alone. 8 Coffee Houses in Prague Prague, like many European cities, is a great abundance of different coffee houses, where excellent coffee is made and a special atmosphere prevails. Coffee is served with delicious breakfasts and snacks. Since many of these coffee houses are not quite in sight or even hidden, here is a couple of places where you can start your Prague morning or hide from the crowd during a break ... ...continue reading

Top Tips for Traveling Abroad for Affordable Medical Care

All opinions are mine and mine alone. In Good Health: Top Tips for Traveling Abroad for Affordable Medical Care Medical tourism is the act of taking a trip, outside your country of residence, for the specific purpose of getting some form of medical care. The reason it is referred to as tourism is because travelers typically combine their medical care with a vacation in the region and participate in tourist activities while they are there. ... ...continue reading