Recipes To Celebrate The Royal Wedding With

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Looking to watch and celebrate the royal wedding. Want to do it in style. You can with some of these amazing recipes from Stevia. You can feel almost like your there with these delicious snacks and drinks. I love having tea and they gave us a better version, spiked! Read below to find out how to make some of these amazing recipes. Cherry Almond Scones Ingredients 1 cup dried tart ... ...continue reading

Healthy Meals to Enjoy With Your Family

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Healthy Meals to Enjoy With Your Family A family meal is one of the most important bonding rituals for loved ones. It’s also a crucial source for wholesome healthy nutrition. Unfortunately, frequencies of family dinners have declined by 33 percent, in the past t 20 years. So, how do you keep this healthy ritual going? Through easy-to-prepare healthy meals, which don’t take too much time off your busy ... ...continue reading

Why Dark Chocolate Is A Healthier Choice

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Why Dark Chocolate Is A Healthier Choice For Chocolate Lovers?  Dark chocolates are a great comfort food that has been used for so long across cultures. Just a bite into a chocolate bar will flood your sensations with a great feeling. Many have used it to get through tough times and for relaxing or as a treat. You can, however, make this treat more than an occasional treat and make it a part of your diet to ... ...continue reading

How to Preserve Food

All opinions are mine and mine alone. How to Preserve Food Food preservation has been an important factor since in the past. Though the methods of preservation were quite different from the modern ones, they were still effective enough to increase the longevity of foods. This was not long before the refrigerators were invented in the 18th century. Most amazingly, most of these preservation techniques are still in place presently. They have ... ...continue reading

Organic Wine Is The Better Choice 

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Organic Wine Is The Better Choice  Many wine-drinkers who make health and wellness a priority in other parts of their lives are also starting to be more mindful about how their wine is made. There are many benefits to drinking wine that’s certified organic; firstly, it doesn’t contain ingredients like sulfites that increase the intensity of the wine’s colour. Unfortunately, sulfites can cause adverse ... ...continue reading

Put a Special Twist on your Coffee

All Opinions are mine and mine alone.    How to Put a Special Twist on your Coffee?  Most individuals are back to work and back to school. This season, they have to adjust the alarm clock and sometimes, the daily morning grinds give them a hard time. So, why not make your morning a little bit different by simply putting a twist on your coffee?  Starting your day with a cup of a delightful coffee will surely help you recharge and have the ... ...continue reading

Breakfast Ideas For Back To School #Honeycomb

 Brought to you by Honeycomb. All opinions are mine and mine alone. #Honeycomb Breakfast just got bigger. Nothing to crazy just bringing back an older favorite, Honeycomb cereal. My family loves cereal at all times of the day, not just for breakfast. The biggest thing I deal with when coming up with breakfast ideas is something thats good and fast. It never hurts to go back to something that may "seem" plain but it's far from it. Less is more. ... ...continue reading

8 Coffee Houses in Prague

All opinions are mine and mine alone. 8 Coffee Houses in Prague Prague, like many European cities, is a great abundance of different coffee houses, where excellent coffee is made and a special atmosphere prevails. Coffee is served with delicious breakfasts and snacks. Since many of these coffee houses are not quite in sight or even hidden, here is a couple of places where you can start your Prague morning or hide from the crowd during a break ... ...continue reading

3 Fun Ways to Make Easter Bunny Pancakes

This page has been removed! Please feel free to check out all my RECIPES down below! RECIPES ... ...continue reading

Matcha Green Tea By Lipton #LiptonMatcha #Ad

#LiptonMatcha #Ad  Post sponsored by Mirum Shopper but all opinions are my own. Please see below for additional disclosure. All opinions are mine and mine alone. Did you know the benefits green tea can have? They are amazing. Tips below are just some I've found on the internet. I love drinking green tea. It is one of a few teas I can put into hot water and drink as is.. No sugar or anything added to my cup. It's refreshing while out hiking for ... ...continue reading