Top Tips for Rounding Out Your Workout Routine

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Effective Exercise Balls: Top Tips for Rounding Out Your Workout Routine Workouts don’t have to be grueling or boring. It takes the right kind of trainer or routine that involves fun and interesting equipment and movements. You may have seen some guys and gals doing a number of exercises that involve a ball, kind of like the ones you may have used in gym class as a child. Here you’ll find ideas to round ... ...continue reading

How to exercise as a family

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Exercise keeps your body flexible, strong and in shape. Physical fitness is important for people of all ages, and having a workout buddy can boost your motivation. This is why working out as a family is great for building healthy habits, as well as increasing your chances of reaching your fitness goals. Gear up for success First, make sure you are following the required safety precautions. Stretching and ... ...continue reading

Vitamins Always With #NatureMadeatWalmart #IC #Ad

“This post was sponsored by Nature Made® as a part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central.” #NatureMadeatWalmart #IC #Ad This Holiday Season already has me feeling icky. I am constantly on the go with kids, sickness, dentist, conferences, all sorts of things. So I usually end up thinking of some vitamins to take during this time. I always take Biotin because I love that it helps my hair grow out. Since cutting it all off about a year ... ...continue reading

4 Tips To Achieving Mind And Body Balance #NatureMadeAtWalmart #Ad #IC

This post was sponsored by Nature Made® as a part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central. The body and mind are connected in ways that you and I could never understand fully. Balancing them effectively isn't easy. It takes a bit of work, but it can be achieved. The following tips will help you find balance and live life less stressed. 1. Get Good Sleep: The amount of good sleep  you get each night is an essential key to having energy ... ...continue reading

CVS & Target

Post is brought to you by CVS. All opinions are mine and mine alone. If you haven't noticed CVS is now inside Target! All your Target lovers can now add another "This is why I love..." on the list. Using the CVS pharmacy inside Target allows you to still get all the perks and savings of CVS but at a super convenient location. The CVS pharmacy inside Target make it easy for you too with their app. The app helps you remember your refills, get ... ...continue reading

What’s Your B.L.U.E?

Post is brought to you by Lutemax 2020.  All opinions are mine and mine alone. Did you know that all the phones and screen time now a day can hurt your eyes? I didn't realize the effect until recently.  High-energy blue light and how it can negatively impact healthy vision for anyone using digital devices – from children to adults. Take the “What’s Your B.L.U.E.?” quiz  to find out your level of blue light exposure. I took it and realize how ... ...continue reading

EffBomb For Your Coffee

This post is brought to you by EFFBomb. All opinions are mine and mine alone. I drink coffee just about everyday. I love coffee and am a huge fan of it. I have my favorite on the go coffee places but I also love coffee right from my own maker. What I don't love is taking a vitamin of some sort everyday. Not that I don't like it but I forget. EFFBOMB is awesome first off. It's a multivitamin that you put in your coffee. So if you are like me ... ...continue reading

One Stop Shopping Tips

Post is brought to you by CVS. All opinions are mine and mine alone. So school shopping is over and now it's Fall! Do we every get a break, nope! Shopping is never done when ti comes to growing kids. I feel like Im always at the grocery store, CVS pharmacy, clothing stores and more. It's a lot of running around. The thing I love about Target is I can literally almost get everything I need in one stop! I have two kids in school and my son. I ... ...continue reading

Re- VIVE Your Back

Post is brought to you by Vive Health. All opinions are mine and mine alone. Are you a pain in the back, just kidding. But do you have a pain in the back or need some extra support. Maybe your recovering from a back injury. The Back Brace by Vive is a great start to help out. It provides lower back to support o help relive discomfort. There are so many pros to it! Check out the info listed below. REINFORCED SUPPORT: Vertical ... ...continue reading

Instant Pot Chicken & Cheese Tortellini Soup

  Fall is approaching and I ready for some good old soups! Well frankly I already got started on my version of "soul" cooking. Chicken soup seems to always be a win in my house, the kids love it! My kids end up having like two full bowls. It's a good thing I overcook when it comes to Chicken & Cheese Tortellini soup. We made this recipe in our instant pot. Fantastic product everyone. If you don't have one, you need one. I have a few instant ... ...continue reading