Tips For Life

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Life is a big deal right, we are stuck here. So we need to be prepared for all kinds of mishaps! We don't often think of what bad things can happen. We are so busy involved in getting to the next day that we forget sometimes, the next day could chnage our whole life. Some examples are natural disasters that come out of no where or even ones that we had a week to prepare for. Things happen to our houses, ... ...continue reading

Create ways to perk up the home

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Create ways to perk up the home    Glossy magazines and specialist websites may make it seem easy but livening up the home is not a simple task. Finding the time can be a major issue but when there is a family to work around it can sometimes seem too much of an ordeal.     Another turn off for many wanting to spruce up their tired looking houses is thinking that they don’t have enough money to be able ... ...continue reading

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Are you in the market for a remodel or just want a fresh spin on something. Maykke has so many options to explore. Some remodels I have recently seen have ranged from a chic modern design to a lived in country design. Depending on the day, I love them all. Some more modern designs are sleek lines and lots of solid clean colors. Freestanding Bathtubs are a must have in this design for me. If you thought ... ...continue reading

Pregnant or Thinking About It?

All opinions are mine and mine alone. If you have a baby on the way or you're considering becoming pregnant, you may find yourself overwhelmed with thoughts of all that you need to do before you bring your baby home. Consider the following five recommendations that will help you ease your worries and prepare your home before your baby arrives. Find a Great Pediatrician At some point, your child may get sick. Unfortunately, finding a ... ...continue reading

Tips To Keep A Pet Home Smelling Pet Free

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Pets are a wonderful addition to the home. They bring companionship, unconditional love, and entertainment in a small package. And, they also bring their own odors that aren't always pleasant. For instance, the smell of wet dog can permeate throughout the home and make everything smell funky. Indoor cats have litter boxes that don't always conceal the odor in its entirety. The goal is to eliminate the ... ...continue reading

Tips To Save Money On Your Home Maintenance

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Maintenance is an important part of owning a home. Some people, however, think that maintenance costs too much money. Use these four tips to save money on your home maintenance. Schedule Regular Maintenance for Your Appliances Some homeowners try to avoid annual appliance maintenance because they don’t want to spend money on the services. That’s a costly mistake. In reality, having a professional inspect ... ...continue reading

Signs that tell you when you’re in love with a new house

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Signs that tell you when you’re in love with a new house There are many reasons that could make you to want to find a new home. Maybe something bad happened with the current one, you hate the neighborhood or you just like the sound of Esplanade condos. Regardless of the reasons, everyone can agree that finding a house you love is pretty hard. There are always those little voices in the back of your head ... ...continue reading

Next Home Remodeling Project

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Renovating your home can be an exciting task to take on. Whether you're looking to modernize your historic home, upgrade an existing room, or add in a pool and backyard patio, there are plenty of creative ways to add new life to your living space. If you're unsure of how to start, here's a guide to help you start planning your next home remodeling project. Hire a Contractor You might feel encouraged to ... ...continue reading

Updating the family living room

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Updating the family living room When it comes to decorating a home, it's fair to say that the task becomes a lot more challenging when children are involved. Kids and clutter go together like peanut butter and jelly, which means that maintaining a beautiful family room becomes a lot tougher. However, that doesn't mean that families with young children have to give up on having the living room they've ... ...continue reading

A Stay Like No Other

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Got to stay compliments of The Inn at Bowman's Hill. Looking for a top destination with an experience you won't forget. Maybe you want to celebrate your anniversary and take your loved one to somewhere extra special. You could also just be looking for a nice place to stay while visiting New Hope, Pa. The Inn at Bowman's Hill is your destination and you won't want to leave. If you want to go all in, you'll ... ...continue reading