Expect the Unexpected #AssistPatrol #Spon

This is a sponsored post by State Farm®; all opinions are 100% my own. The holiday season is in full swing and traffic has really gotten incredibly crazy. Sometimes when I drive home I see several accidents “almost” happen. I also see cars stuck on the side of the road with their       4-ways on or changing a tire. I am 90% of the time driving alone with my 3 kids. I can tell you I could probably figure how to change a tire but It would be ... ...continue reading

Grocery Outlet Bargain Market

I received gift cards for this post. All opinions are mine and mine alone. When you think about grocery shopping, you probably think about the outrageous prices that there are these days. You wonder how you will get everything that you need inside the budget that you have set for yourself. Grocery Outlet Bargain Market is your answer to all of your worries. You can see if there is one of their stores in your area here. There are locations in ... ...continue reading