Cherry Pineapple Cream Divine

I received product samples in exchange for this post. All opinions are mine and mine alone. So Did I catch your attention with Divine and all those other yummy goodies? Well This drink is amazing. It id certainly and indulgent drink. When you see the recipe you will know why! I promise you it's worth the extra 5 minute work out. This is like a milk shake but in a cream drink form.  Well give it a try and feel free to add in 1oz of pineapple ... ...continue reading

BlackBerry Pineapple Smoothie -Chia Seeds

I received a product sample (Blender) in exchange for this post. All opinions are mine and mine alone. Are you looking a different kind of smoothie or even a icee? This one will deliver with a little sour and sweet.  I promise mostly sweet! This is the perfect afternoon pick me up. It will be sure to give your taste buds a wake up.  Just in time for that afternoon snoozer. Sure naps are awesome whenever we can get them but some days it's ... ...continue reading

Ore-Ida Hash Browns and Local Heroes

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser. Recently I got an amazing opportunity to do something for a few local heros. It’s not everyday you can whip something super easy and ultra affordable and hand deliver it to some very appreciated Firefighters. My girls and I Made this Ore-Ida Cheesy Hash Brown ... ...continue reading

Tropical Summer Shot Drink

I did not receive any compensation for this post. All opinions are mine and mine alone. Are you itching for those few days till spring to just hurry up and be here all ready? I know I am! While I love my spring time and nice weather. I am also thinking of summer. Picturing my perfect vacation on the beach with clear blue water. While doing that I got a craving for some kind of fruity drink that would take me there while I sipped on it. Not one ... ...continue reading

Rustic DIY Ball Vase

I did not receive compensation for this post. All opinions are mien and mine alone. Are you looking for some new home decor but do not want to spend a ton. Especially a ton of stuff that is made to look old but isn't! Well this is a simple DIY project that can be done super fast and for super cheap price. I am a huge fan of ball jars. Sometimes I am  so crazy, I just buy a case to have on hand! They are amazing for gifts, practical uses, decor ... ...continue reading

Latte Ice Cubes- No More Watered Down Coffee

I did not receive compensation for this post- All opinions are mine and mien alone It getting to be that time of year again! When we break open those windows and start doing spring stuff!! Nice weather is coming, or so I keep telling myself! One treat I love during summer is my coffee bu hot coffee is just, well to hot! So I lean toward drinking ice coffee during hotter days. I always find that my coffee is watered down and quickly too. Well ... ...continue reading

Lets Help Make A Baby

I did not receive any compensation for this post. This is a close friend of mine that has struggled for years with fertility issues. After finally going through surgeries to correct issues possibly causing infertility in her husband, only to get bad news. Then to continue to have high hopes and keep finding ways to have a child of their own. Later on finds out My friend (Sam) has some issues that needed to be corrected and truly never fixed. ... ...continue reading

Caption This???

I received no compensation for this post.- All opinions are mine and mine alone. Meet my Devilish cat Magnus! He gets into EVERYTHING! He think's he rules the house! He steals our socks, beats up the other cat and sleeps where he likes. I mean wherever he likes. He has no limits! He is also a snuggle bug and we love him very much. After a rough start to life and being found, abandoned in a box. He had a seizes and I thought he was going to ... ...continue reading