Adult Solutions To (Supposedly) Teenage-Only Problems

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Whoever said that your school days are meant to be the happiest of your life had clearly never been to high school. From the horrors of the popularity contests to the endless drudgery about facts and figures you’ve never needed since it’s fair to say, if that’s the best time in life, then life is coming up pretty short. And that’s before we’ve even mentioned the reality of what it felt like to be a ... ...continue reading

Volunteering abroad

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Volunteering abroad – what you need to know The idea of volunteering abroad is something that appeals to many people. There are many reasons and benefits to carrying out this style of work, and no matter what age you are or what stage of life you are at, it is likely that there will be volunteering options that are right for you. There will obviously be administrative issues to consider when volunteering ... ...continue reading

What A Difference A Week Makes: Holiday In Dubai

All opinions are mine and mine alone The Jewel of the Middle East is the rightful and proud name of the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. Adorned with shopping malls, fashion shows, jewelry stores and exciting family-friendly activities. Indeed, the city has anything for anyone, and at no point in time will you be bored during your week’s holiday. But, there’s always more than just sunbathing, you may have traveled so far that to ... ...continue reading

Don’t Let Your Car Make You Ill

All opinions are mine and mine alone. When it comes to taking your family from A to B, it’s necessary to have a car. After all, as much as you can drag the kiddies on the bus, or even opt to get the bikes out of the shed, it’s not going to get you quickly to their school in the morning. In fact, you might end up being late every day. Therefore, a car can often be the answer to help your family get on the move. But when it comes to buying a ... ...continue reading

Fight Everyday Stains With BIZ

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Summer is here and next thing will be school. My kids are tough on their clothes, blankets, anything they wear. Yes, they do wear their blankets. We call those days, super hero lazy. Now only are they super tough on just those normal everyday items. They are hard on their clothes. My kids play hard outside and are always covered in grass stains and dirt. I use to get overwhelmed with the amount of dirt and ... ...continue reading

A Guide to Prepping on a Budget

All opinions are mine and mine alone. A Guide to Prepping on a Budget While we’d all like to be prepared for every possible disaster or situation all the time, sometimes life gets in the way. You might be raising a family or studying an important degree such as a nurse practitioner doctorate degree and trying to stick to a budget. While prepping is important, other things must come first. In these cases, you might find yourself looking for ... ...continue reading

Pet Shedding Tips

All opinions are mine and mine alone. If you have pets, it can sometimes feel like managing pet hair in your home is a full-time job. When you have cats, you may find it extra tricky to keep the pet hair situation under control, since cats have access to pretty much anywhere in your house, including chair backs and countertops. Dogs tend to shed all year and can leave a layer of hair all over your rugs, hardwood floors, sofas, and ... ...continue reading

How to Be Productive When Spring-Cleaning

All opinions are mine and mine alone. How to Be Productive When Spring-Cleaning Spring is always the best time give your home its well-deserved makeover. Go over those piles of clothing you’ve tucked in the corner of your room. Toss those unused home appliances that continue to gather dust day by day. Get you some space by clearing away all useless clutter. If anything, you need a fresher atmosphere not only to wash the winter aftermath away, ... ...continue reading

Got a Bike? Bike Bandit

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Looking for a one stop shop for your biking needs? Bike bandit is perfect! They even have awesome tips on their blog. So learn some things and check them out., the web's largest source for powersports parts, accessories, gear and tires. From street motorcycles, cruisers and dirt bikes to ATVs and snowmobiles, has over 8 million products to ensure you have everything you need ... ...continue reading

Amara Baby Food

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Brought to you by Amara. Looking for a healthy baby food that you will love and so will the little one. At Amara, they do things differently. Traditional jars and pouches are highly processed, sacrificing those essential original nutrients and vitamins. They use the best technology to get you baby food you can make, in a time frame you can manage. These are perfect for new moms and veteran moms! ... ...continue reading