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10 Awesome Uses For Baking Soda

  I received no compensation for this post. Enjoy. All opinions are mine and mien alone. #2 - Mouthwash: Have you checked out the price of oral care products lately (The kids' college or some Agent Cool Blue? Choices, choices...). For those of us who decide that our kids getting fine careers in politics, law, or medicine is more important, your child no longer has to deal with minor tooth decay thanks to the advent of baking soda. If ... ...continue reading

Recaro Car Seat #Giveaway

Welcome to the RECARO Performance RIDE Giveaway! Sponsored By RECARO and Hosted by More Than Mommy RECARO boasts more than 100 years designing safe and comfortable seats, that they have now brought to child and infant car seats. Featuring side-impact protection, soft touch head restraints (made with PUR memory foam!), a 5 point harness, Easy Adjust technology and more. Available in 9 color combinations, the RECARO is design, ... ...continue reading

Sweet & Sour Cupcakes

I received NO compensation for this post, ENJOY! Are you looking for that fun cupcakes that isn't to sweet. Sour Patch Kids are known for being sour and then sweet, Right? Well try this spin with both tasty treats combined into one. You get your sour quickly followed by sweet. Perfect, fun, and color treat to bring to a party, keep for yourself, or share with friends! Fun to make and kids just love getting to pick their favorite ... ...continue reading

Chunky Reese’s Fudge *Simple Recipe*

Are you wanting that sweet tooth craving to be fulfilled? These are a must try and so simple and easy to make! I promise you will be tempted to taste test while making this scrumptious, mouth drooling treat. The kids want to help, SURE but I would keep count of all edible elements in this recipe! Tell people you worked all day just to make this amazing tasting fudge when really it took a few simple steps. INGREDIENTS 20 Regular Size Reese's ... ...continue reading

Online Penny Auction KeleBids

I received compensation for this post. All opinions are mine and mine alone. .Are you looking for a way to get high priced items for super cheap! Maybe you can;t afford that new I pad for $500. I know I can't always pull out $500 and be like here ya go. Online Penny Auction is just the place. I did say Penny. Kelebids is a online penny auction site that strives to offer a fun, fast, and reliable shopping experience. How does Kelebids work you ... ...continue reading

DIY Photo Back Drop Tip

    Are you looking for a better way to photograph that scrumptious dessert you just made? This simple tip will make a huge difference. It's easy, simple, and doesn't cost a lot. First you can get very creative with this idea! So I am explaining Mine! I choose to create a darker stain with white paint. You Need...  Piece of wood 4x4 Is ok to use.(We got mine at Lowes) A small can of wood stain, small sample of white paint, ... ...continue reading

*Mac & Cheese* Stuffed Grilled Cheese

This is not compensated and I hope you enjoy it! Are you looking for something new to make the kids or big kids in your family. Mac & Cheese and a grilled cheese slice cooked on an best indoor electric grills all smooched into one ! This is a very tasty sandwich and includes two of my kids favorites foods. Mac & Cheese and a grilled cheese all smooched into one! My kids love this and eat their whole sandwich. I have to say do not ... ...continue reading

Eat Your Heart Pretzel Bites

This is not a compensated post. Made with love. Enjoy What a great treat to make and so super easy! You can even bring the kids in on this one. Even have some fun with a cute bag and bring them to school for a super special treat for their classmates. Maybe even change it up a little bit and add your own personal twist! ENJOY them how ever you would like but eat an extra one for me. INGREDIENTS Mini Pretzels Hershey Fudge ... ...continue reading

French Toast Roll Ups

Enjoy this post! I got NO samples or compensation for this. All opinions are mine and mine alone. Are you looking to bring your sweeties something sweet to bed or maybe make an ordinary breakfast more fun for the kids? Try these French Toast Roll ups. You can put any kind of jelly in it or get as creative as you want. They are amazing and made with everyday staples in your home. That is if your a breakfast lover like me. Valentines ... ...continue reading