Free Blogger Opp Disney Wii Starter Kit

Blogger Opp: Disney Infinity Wii Starter Pack Momma Lew's Blog is kicking off her 2013 Holiday Gift Guide on 11/1!   The kickoff prize will be a Disney Infinity Wii Starter Pack!  11/1-11/15 Free & Paid Links are available!  **SIGN UP HERE** Keep up to date by following on Facebook and Twitter. Always have something new up my sleeve. ... ...continue reading

Oreo Truffles Instant Sugar Rush

I received no compensation for this post, it was just for fun! Let me tell you about my mom energy kick secret. I found a great recipe on the internet that only needed three ingredients. Includes all my favorite treats too. It calls for chocolate, oreos, and cream cheese. I love all those so I thought I would like this one bite sugar rush. Keep Reading for more pictures and the know how! You start out with bag of oreos. Man is it hard to ... ...continue reading

Do you have old electronics laying around? #Giveaway CLOSED

Are you big on Recycling? Why not recycle your electronics. Just because they are old to you doesn't mean they won't be new to someone else. It's really easy. You Search for the phone you want to sell in the search box, select the bets deal for you, and then you ship it for free. After those simple steps you will get a check in the mail!    I love to save for a rainy day. With Sell Cell it is so easy to start that fund. I upgrade ... ...continue reading

Music Magpie

     We all love music right? That has to be a common ground between everyone. We may not all like the same kind but we all like it. I always get a favorite song and then after hearing it on repeat 500 billion times, I want something new. So the music C.D I bought gets tossed under something, in between something, or broke. I always wished I could trade someone or perhaps sell it to help go toward a new music C.D. It's such a Pain to sell ... ...continue reading


Most People I know run away when I mention Sephora. They all think it is pricey! While there are some brands that cost more. Really do get the quality your looking for and the look you crave. While Sephora offers lots of other brands, They do have their own brand. To me their brand is just as great and comes with a lower price tag. I became a Sephora repeat customer after asking one of the ladies how should my make up be. I explained I wanted ... ...continue reading

Do you Hoover? I Do! *Giveaway* CLOSED

   Do you Hoover? I know I do. I started using Hoover Products 3 years ago. Before then I never thought to buy a Hoover. Now I can't imagine being without one. My Hoover has lasted and worked just like brand new since I have had it. I always had other competitors on my want list. Well when I received my first Hoover, I loved it! I received the vacuum that I wanted exactly and at 1/3 of the price of most other vacuum brands! The suction is crazy ... ...continue reading

Android, I Phone, Window’s Phone, Oh My!

  So almost everyone I know has a cell phone, tablet, or e-reader with internet access. There's beginning to be not just one or the other but different choices in how you use your electronics. I wanna know everyone's opinions or different systems they use.   I, myself use an Android. I love it! I can not imagine going to a I phone(apple) product. I have never really given it a try to begin with because I've always had an Android. I think Android ... ...continue reading

Bad Customer Service, Is The Customer Always Right?

  My answer is NO! No way, no how, not ever is the customer always right. They may not be right but they do not deserve disrespect. How many of you have had horrible customer service only to leave you outraged and feeling there is nothing you can even do?   Well I can say over all my travels and trying new places. I sure have my share of stories. I have been argued with, yelled at, door slammed  (Window door), and much more. I know I am always ... ...continue reading

Buckle Up For Safety With A Graco My Ride Safety Surround

   In honor of National Child Passenger Safety Month, Graco launched a “Buckle Up for Safety” pledge on Facebook where you and your friends, families and followers can pledge your commitment to child passenger safety. For every pledge they will donate $1 to Safe Kids Worldwide until they reach their goal of 10,000 pledges! Graco offers many different kinds of car seats. All of them have different pros and cons about them. The one thing we can ... ...continue reading

Cozy up at Panera Bread

           Fall is just about here. We all love to start wearing boots and drinking Seasonal Flavored coffees. Another thing I love about Fall (well anytime of year) is Panera Bread. I love coming in on chilly days and enjoying either some french onion or cheddar broccoli, in a bread bowl is the only way I eat my soup! My local Paner a Bread is also great in customer service. We were treated very well and even had a worker offer to take our dirty ... ...continue reading