Cate & Levi team up with Uncommon Goods

Cate & Levi, as well as Uncommon Goods have teamed up and came out with a fabtastic product!  SHARK AND GUPPIE Slippers! How stinking cute are these! If you know Cate and Levi then you know they are super comfy as well!  Check out the awesome video as well! Read more!  YOu can check them out and purchase them at Uncommon Goods CLICK HERE Check out Cate & Levi for other super cute ... ...continue reading

Produce For Kids *Great Recipes*

 Produce  for Kids is launching its annual Get Healthy, Give Hope campaign with major supermarket chains across the country, including your local GIANT / Martin’s store, to help raise money for Our Family Foundation.    Beginning June 9th and running through August 10th, the more produce GIANT / Martin’s shoppers add to their shopping lists the more hope they can give to local children. All participating fresh fruit and vegetable suppliers at ... ...continue reading

Doc McStuffins Time For Fun

    In celebration of this week's release of DOC MCSTUFFINS TIME FOR YOUR CHECKUP on Disney DVD it's time for some fun! Click on the button below to download free Doc McStuffins activity sheets! Help Doc diagnose her patients with a matching game, see what's hidden in the stars by connecting the dots, build your own playhouse then kick back with some coloring sheets featuring Doc and her friends! My girls loved this! They also LOVE ... ...continue reading

A Cookie Gift

Everyone loves cookies. We all love cheap ideas that look expensive and like we took a ton of time on them. First I bought some Jars, that I thought were cute! I choose what cookies to make to go inside the jars! I LOVE Ball jars. You should see my kitchen!      I thought I'd make peanut butter cookies and Mexican wedding cookies with pecans. Well for some reason the peanut butter cookies didn't turn out right, Idk why. I ... ...continue reading

Fun Idea for girls!

       So "THEE" best place I like to find cheap fun things to do is the dollar store! I like to think I'm creative in coming up with awesome decor or just something for a rainy day! Keep reading to see what awesome idea I came up with for my girls!     I came up with this idea because while I'm doing my makeup my girls are always playing with it or stealing it!  I went to the local Dollar Tree and grabbed a few ... ...continue reading