Kidz Gear *Giveaway*

My kids love music! They would jam to it all day if I let them. However, I do not always want to listen to the music they are into, I can only take the "I love you" song so many times in one day! Kidz Gear KidzControl Volume Limit Headphones for kids are the answer to my prayers!    Designed by a mom sick of cheap headphones made for kids, the KidzControl Headphones deliver quality and function that even an adult would love. My kids can have ... ...continue reading

Mamas & Papas Tummy Time

   Mamas and Papas was started by two people over 30 years ago. They didn't think the best baby products out there were actually the best for their growing family. So they created Mamas & Papas. Let me tell you, they did a great job. While their first stop was Britain, they are in the Usa and available to all of us fabulous moms.  They offer a variety of baby products as well from super neat,colorful  looking strollers, clothing, bounce ... ...continue reading

Stokke Xplory Stroller

Stokke has become a name all too familiar to me. It is a name brand company and well known. They offer great, innovative, safe baby products that are a great investment. All their products grow with your child. For example you are purchasing a changing table but also a desk for when they get older. It is that way with all their products. Stokke has one amazing stroller that has yet to be beat! The Xplory is a stroller truly ahead of it's time. It ... ...continue reading

Light Speed Tents

   Don't let the name not foul you! Light Speed Tents really are super easy to put it and in a matter of minutes. Light  Speed offers a variety of tent options like Canopy, Quick Shelter, Screen House, and more. They are priced very reasonably too and can be found at stores like Sam's Club and Costco. I got the Periapsis 4 Tent. This tent is big enough for 4 people, get it! The tent comes with stakes, the rain canopy, and super easy up and down ... ...continue reading

Sprout Watches

Let me introduce you to Sprout This is all about the Fish Leather Watch!  .  "We find inspiration for our eco-friendly materials in all areas of nature – corn fields, bamboo forests – and in the case of our exotic fish skins, the big blue sea.  Fish skins are an eco-friendly alternative to animal leather because ocean leather manufacturers use the by-product of the skin from fish farmers who are catching non-endangered ... ...continue reading

Hoover Vacuum

                            Come check out the Hoover Video and Review! Don't forget to enter the Giveaway as well!!!!  First Video review! So thanks for watching it! I tried my best to vacuum and aim! I am a vacuum maniac and I an constantly breaking them! So far this one has lasted and runs just like new!  Hoover is not only a well known company but a well known quality company.  I myself have always wanted a  nice ... ...continue reading

Rockboard Scooter

Rockboard Scooter is really trying to rethink the scooter! Instead of making ti electrical or just a plain old scooter. In a way it's way different. You use hand brakes to stop and you rock back and forth with your feet to make it go. When I saw this, I thought this has got to be so cool! So I had to try it myself! Well Man, I was not expecting what I got! The scooter is big, they do offer mini ones as well. It took me a littler bit to figure out ... ...continue reading

Otter Box

    So are you in the market for a phone case to protect well your "life link" at times! My phone is attached to my hip, If I am not making calls at home. I am checking email on the go! Busy, busy bee I am! I also Love to watch my Netflix on it in bed or play some solitaire. SO keeping my phone is working, not broken order is important to me. OtterBox just might have something for you! OtterBox offers the best phone cases to protect you ... ...continue reading