Kayaking Must Haves

 ( Kayak ) - Did not receive anything for this post. All opinions are mine and mine alone.  Have you thought of kayaking? Maybe you already own a Kayak. I am talking about people who Kayak recreationally. The people that do it for a living, (or fun) bless you and your adrenaline rush for white water! Anyway, I love kayaking and am so glad I took the plunge to try it. I tried it first at the Bay next to the ocean. I don't recommend this for ... ...continue reading

Tips to Help You Pack Kid-Friendly School Lunches

Guest Post. All opinions are mine and mine alone. Received compensation to share.   If you have kids in school, you know that one of the essential parts of their day is lunchtime. In fact, most children will tell you that lunch is a treasured time of day, second only to recess. In large schools, the time allotted a class to consume the midday meal is rather short, sometimes as little as 15 minutes. This barely gives a child ... ...continue reading

4 Teas That Are Even Better for Your Skin Than a Facial

All opinions are mine and mine alone. 4 Teas That Are Even Better for Your Skin Than a Facial There are plenty of great beauty products available which will help to clear up acne, sooth inflammation, exfoliate dead skin cells, and give you a fresher looking face, but nature also has plenty of tools in its arsenal which can give you better-looking skin day in and day out. Tea, for example, is not only the most popular drink in the world ... ...continue reading

Marriage Tips for Positive Communication After A Fight

All opinions are mine and mine alone. 7 Marriage Tips for Positive Communication With Your Spouse After A Fight Communication is an integral part of any kind of relationship, be it personal or business. While communicating should be easily undertaken, things can sometimes get so complicated that even the simple act of saying “sorry” becomes difficult. Fights with your spouse undermine the line of communication between each other, ... ...continue reading

Score Deep Discounts For Online Shopping

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Some people have sworn off retail prices. Sure, that sounds delightful yet how does one find the deals, coupons, and discounts to make that wish a reality? Some people wait for sales in order to make a purchase while others are more proactive in readily finding coupons. The key is understanding the strategies of smart online shoppers. Use Comparison Engines Particular online tools help savvy shoppers ... ...continue reading

Fun Games to Play With Your Toddler

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Did not receive anything for this post. Not Too Young: Fun Games to Play With Your Toddler You can have a toddler who plays Monopoly, cards, or Jenga! While you may think that's impossible, that these games are too complicated for kids still learning to balance on two feet consistently, that's not the case. The secret is not to play the games the usual way, but to adapt them to the abilities and ... ...continue reading

All About Accident-Proofing Your Entire Home

All opinions are mine and mine alone. Family Safety You probably don’t sit around the house thinking about all the ways you can get hurt, but the truth is that you don’t have to leave your home to suffer a debilitating injury. Anybody can get hurt too, from the young to the old. So, here’s how to accident-proof your entire home and live a safer, healthier, life. Be Mindful Of Renovations When your home was built pre 1978, there’s a good ... ...continue reading

Mermaid Eye Tutorial

I received product samples for this post. All opinions are mine and mine alone. Looking for a fun make up look! We got it covered with this Mermaid eye! be a mermaid in the winter because you know why, YOU CAN. Follow the directions below and see how you do. London’s Makeup Revolution has arrived in the USA www.makeuprevolutionusa.com launching its’ Mermaids Forever Ultra Eyeshadow Palette ($15.00). This beautiful palette will help you ... ...continue reading

Young Living Stocking Stuffer

I received product in exchange for my review. All opinions are mine and mine alone. Oils are becoming a huge thing, right? Well I am just starting to learn more about them. A great way to start is with something small right? So I got the Ceramic Diffuser from Young Living. I happen to really like it. It's simple, small, and affordable. Perfect for an office, mom, friend, or yourself kind of gift. Even stuff into a stocking. It comes with the ... ...continue reading

Tips For A Brighter Smile

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser, Colgate-Palmolive. All opinions are mine alone. #OpticSmiles #CollectiveBias. Spring has sprung and when that happens I am ready to break out the bright colors. One thing that happens is the world sees me more! So I want to be looking the best I can with as little work as possible. So these are my tips for a easy hassle free brighter smile. I love using the ... ...continue reading