Infiniti QX70 2015

 Infiniti Qx70- Got to Test drove it for a week. All opinions are mine and mine alone. When I got to test drive the Infiniti QX70 for a week, I was not sure what to expect. From the outside this QX70 looks  smallish, but that is definitely not the case. I absolutely loved how spacious the interior of this vehicle was. As always when I test drive an Infiniti I fall in love with it and I never want the week to be over. You will fall in love ... ...continue reading

Hyundai Elantra

Elantra - I got to test drive this car for a week. All opinions are mine and mine alone. There are lots of choices out there when it comes to compact vehicles. There is always something that is added or restyled and the standard features list just keeps growing and growing. I was very impressed with the Hyundai Elantra when I was able to go on a test drive of it. The features that you get for the money is an awesome deal.  I used ... ...continue reading

Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2015

Santa Fe - I was given a car to test drive for a week. All opinions are mine and mine alone. The Hyundai Santa Fe Sport is so sporty but at the same time has a sleek look that I absolutely love. For my test drive of the 2015 Santa Fe Sport, I drove an hour to visit a friend that I had not seen in a little while. Normally I hate the hour drive because I am so uncomfortable. This time I didn’t even realize that the hour was almost over ... ...continue reading

Volvo Summer Fun Drive Event

Went to California to test out the new S60's from Volvo! All opinions are mine and mine alone. I recently traveling from Here in PA on the east coast to California on the west. That flight was a long one. I attended the Summer Fun Drive Event for the new S60's. We drove the Cross Country and the Inscription. An amazing experience and so much fun. I stayed at the CavalloPoint, lodge at the Golden Gate. It's literally at the Golden Gate. Walking ... ...continue reading

XC90 Volvo 2016

Recently went on a trip and got to test drive the New 2016 XC90 Volvos. I recently went on a trip for my friend. She is over at It was an amazing time and the car from Volvo is just outstanding. It has incredible features. Not only that but it's one of their safest cars yet. So many new features and also ones they have used in all their cars. I can also tell you first hand that the people behind Volvo are just as amazing if not ... ...continue reading

Mazda 6 2015

I got to drive this for a week in exchange for a post. Thanks to Mazda and STI. All opinions are mine and mine alone. I will start by saying " I LOVE THIS CAR". Seriously! I own one. Well I own the Mazda 6 2009 version. So when I had to give this baby back I was trying hard to get them to take my 2009 and let me keep this cherry red beauty. It is an amazing vehicle. Maybe it's because I own a Mazda but I really like the Mazda brand. While this ... ...continue reading

Mitsubishi Outlander 2015

I got to drive this for a week in exchange for this post. Brought to you by Mitsubishi and STI. All opinions are mine and mine alone. Are you in the market for a new car? Of course not just any car but a car that will last, at a good price, and will be there for you in times of need? Well the Mitsubishi Outlander is the one. While it may not comes with a billion bells and whistles like some other cars. It comes with a piece of mind. The safety ... ...continue reading

Infiniti QX80

I received a week long test drive for my review from Infiniti and ESI. I got to drive the Infiniti QX80 for a whole week. Let me just start by telling you that one week was not long enough. when I first laid eyes on it in my drive way, I was in shock. The QX80 was a beast. It was rather big compared to my little car. Even when I sat in the drivers seat I felt like I was on top of the world. Now just because it was big and I was a little ... ...continue reading

Mazda 2014 CX-9 Review

I receive a week long test drive from STI and Mazda. All opinions are mine and mine alone. Being a busy mom with small children, I need to have access to a vehicle for those unexpected trips to the doctors or grocery store. I also like to use it for little extras, like when my kids want to go out for a day trip. Having a reliable vehicle is important. I recently was approached to review the Mazda 2014 CX-9. Needless to say, I was ... ...continue reading

2014 Kia Sorento

I receive a week long test drive from STI and KIA. All opinions are mine and mine alone. You really have to give accolades to Kia for their ingenuity for producing great vehicles. I, fell in love with their 2014 Kia Sorento... I mean really in love. I had the chance to take this beauty for a couple of test drives when I was given the opportunity to keep it for a little while for review purposes. Simply put this car is AMAZING! ... ...continue reading