Oreo Truffles Instant Sugar Rush

I received no compensation for this post, it was just for fun!

Let me tell you about my mom energy kick secret. I found a great recipe on the internet that only needed three ingredients. Includes all my favorite treats too. It calls for chocolate, oreos, and cream cheese. I love all those so I thought I would like this one bite sugar rush.

Keep Reading for more pictures and the know how!

You start out with bag of oreos. Man is it hard to not eat just one!

  Now you smash them to pieces, as if they were never oreos. If your like me and do not own a food processor, I will tell you how I got creative.

I started out trying to smash and cut them with a knife. As you can see that did not work out. I started to make a huge mess. A mess that I could walk away and tell my husband the kids must of done it. So I got the next best thing, a chopper!

While slamming the chopper a million times with my hand, I was really wishing I had a food processor.

  Then I mixed in the cream cheese. Do you see my fine oreos. Next you roll them into tiny balls and place them in the freezer. I let them in the freezer for a half hour.

   During my half hour break time. How can I have an entire bag of oreos and some refreshing milk in my fridge and NOT eat any. So I ate a little snack while feeding a baby, watching a ghost show, and creating a vine video. (vine is so funny, An app you download on your phone. Follow me at Priscilla)

Once the balls are nice and frozen you cover them with a melting chocolate. I somehow tend to burn it so I melted my chocolate in the microwave. Once they were all said and done. I go these amazing little sugar rush balls. Seriously though! Eat one and you feel like 5 pounds went to your hip and amazingly want to clean the mess up you made while making these.
If you have young kids, I suggest splitting one to share! Its kinda like an oreo dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with sugar balls but mini size!

I found this great recipe at Sally’s Baking Addiction. The site has some really fun and easy recipes. If you wanna check it out, Golden Oreo Truffles

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  1. These sound real good. I love oreos.

  2. I love the Golden Oreos, but I never would have thought to mix with cream cheese. Thanks for posting.

  3. Uh, oh. Very dangerous recipe. I live alone and would have to eat all of them, but I’d be happy!

    slehan at juno dot com

  4. Wow! That looks amazing!!!! I’m going to try these for sure!!

  5. I just opened a bag of golden oreos! Too bad I don’t have the other ingredients on hand. Yumm

  6. OMG! These sounds so good!! I’ve never tried the golden Oreos but I’m going to get them
    just to make these to make these truffles.

  7. These sound wonderful! And easy to make! Thanks for the “recipe”. 😉

  8. My daughter made these for a baby shower this weekend. She put food coloring in the almond bark and made some of them green, They were a huge hit.

  9. Wow, this looks delicious I would use original Oeos not the vanilla Oreos, but it still looks delicious. Thank you for sharing this recipe.

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