Who Uses Fabric Softener..Really?

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We all do laundry, right? How much time do you spend washing, washing again because you forgot, and then drying. So many ifs too! Have you ever tossed the clothes in the dryer and forget to actually turn the dryer on? I know I have more times then I’d like to admit. Or I toss the clothes in the dryer for 25 minutes and then go to get them out and they are still damp. That really stinks when you were hoping to wear something from that load. Suavitel Fast Dry fabric softener is the answer to a quicker dry time.  It saves us so much time.
Suavitel Fast Dry fabric softener wicks away water from the fabric to help the clothing dry 30% faster. It saves me time and I have time now to play with the kids more or go for a walk. My kids are always begging me for walks. So now I can actually make time for that instead of wasting my time on laundry. It also saves in energy costs as well. Saving money and enjoying the free nature. Thats a A++ in my big book of “Heck Yes”.
Suavitel can be found at your local Walmart in the fabric softener area. My family loves blankets. Well everyone except my husband to be. We have a lot, so I can’t blame him. We do loads of laundry with just you blankets. My kids hold their blankets dear. They love them and always have them around come relaxing time or movie time. So when I do toss them in the wash, I need them to be done drying fast! I need them to be soft and warm to toss on them. Isn’t that everyone’s favorite part of drying clothes? I only use the best for my family’s washables. My oldest daughter loves the smell of her blankets when they come right out of the dryer. So fresh and clean. Fabric Softener is not something I was using regularly but I have been now and it’s awesome. What have I been missing out on. Clothing dried faster, smelling amazing, soft as can be! My kids love the time freed up from waiting on dryer time. We play Hungry Hippos, Make a bead necklace, go for a walk, and even bake sometimes. So many more special moments I get to share with my family. Check it out and give it a try, you’ll love it.
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A must try and it’s not even expensive! So grab a bottle and see how much time you have on your hands!


Can be found in the isle at Walmart where the Fabric softener is.



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