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This post is brought to you by Bondic. All opinions are mine and mine alone.


Have you ever waited months to get something that you need or treasured fixed. Like say an Iphone charger cord. I know that most of us have. Some of us do not have the skills to fix things or a partner that is not too busy to get the job done in a relatively short time. Thankfully there is Bondic. Bondic is a compound that will help you to bond, fill, build or fix in seconds!

Sounds incredible, right. And it is! Some interesting facts that you should know about Bondic is that it is a liquid plastic and can build, fix, bond, and fill almost any surface. It is solvent-free and comes in several different kit sizes,  so simply choose which kit you prefer.  It can also withstand temperatures of -40-150 degrees C. It uses a UV light to bond to the surface and this UV light is included in each kit.


It is NOT A GLUE but rather a welding compound. So keep that thought in mind before and during use. The best practices for using this product include the following four step process which is-






It can be used in bright light and is resistant to lubricants, acids, oils, and lyes. It is also water and heat resistant. It can fix your acrylic nails, rubber boots, shoe soles, copper pipes, furniture wheels, skis, toys, all of the low voltage wires from your tech gadgets, arts and crafts, jewelry repair and much more. It can even be used to build a 3D item. Simply build, fill, dry with the UV light, prime, and then paint.

When Bondic dries it is transparent and works best in layers of thickness from 1 inch to 1.5 inches. Items that have had Bondic used on them can be milled, polished, varnished, painted or re-paint. Once you have determined that the bond is strong enough, items that have been fixed with Bondic can also be put in the dishwasher. Can you imagine just how much money this product can and will save you!


Remember Bondic the next time you need to repair something in your home fast! The item must be clean and free from grease before using this product to repair things. The only downside is that the FDA has not approved it as a food grade plastic. But it can fix, fill, bond or build in seconds. Fix it with Bondic and be done!



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