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Helen Ficalora Sent me a great necklace for this post. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

Helen Ficalora

helen ficalora

Personalized jewelry makes all the difference when you want your piece to tell a story. I received a Heart Cutout Charm from Helen Ficalora and I am in love. This charm is small but still holds a lot of meaning. You can get this specific charm in 14k Yellow Gold, White Gold, Pink Gold or Sterling Silver. The heart cutout charm is the perfect gift for any occasion including birthdays, anniversaries, and bridal parties.


The designs of Helen Ficalora are means to inspire. They bring around beauty, love and peace and are timeless. They will go with any outfit that you choose and have diamond accents that are subtle but appreciate inside the jewelry. If you are looking for a personalized piece for either you or someone else, you will find it here. Everyone has their own story to tell and Helen Ficalora helps you be able to do just that!


Helen Ficalora is a pioneer when it comes to the alphabet charm and has been bringing the people that wear the jewelry quality designs for over a decade. If you can believe it, her business started inside a family hotel in Montauk, New York. Now she has expanded and people enjoy her jewelry everywhere.


Even though I received a heart cutout, there are so many other designs to choose from and the gold variety makes it nice. You can truly make your piece your own. From charms, rings, earrings and chains to combinations, you will find something to make your heart happy. If not for you, then someone else’s heart will also be happy!


The holidays are around the corner, and a customized gift can go a long way with showing someone that you know them and what they love. An out of the box gift is sometimes worth a lot more because it shows that you took the time to pick these specific designs and colors for them. If you design the piece for yourself, it’s nice to be able to tell people that you designed it and customized it yourself. Your piece can be as one-of-a-kind as you want it to be!

helen ficalora


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helen ficalora


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