Bratz Snow Lodge & Dolls

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Every little girl loves her dolls and they all need a dollhouse for them to play in. Bratz dolls and their lodge are adorable and my little girl loves them. Bratz dolls are big now just like Barbie dolls were when I was younger. With the Bratz Snow Lodge, all the Bratz girls can relax. All of the Bratz come with their own SnowKissed outfits and accessories and are dressed for winter fun.

The Bratz Snow Lodge comes with 18 pieces to make the perfect snow fun including hot cocoa, milk, muffin, fondue pot, snow shovel and a radio. An even more fun feature is that it “snows” using the confetti and snow-blowing chimney. I wish that they had something like this when I was little. Cloe, Yasmin and Jade are set for fun and relaxation with this lodge.


Because of the pieces, this set is recommended for ages five and up. The Bratz girls come with gear, stickers to decorate with and two full outfits, so that they can hit the slopes and also be comfortable when they come back to the lodge afterwards.

Cloe’s loves sledding and so her doll comes decked out for just that. Her first outfit is a faux fur blue coat over a turtleneck croptop, sparkling pink shirt, emoji printed leggings and knee high white boots. Her second outfit is a white puffy vest, knit sweater dress and pink ankle boots. Of course, she needs her accessories which are white mittens, snow goggles, a mug of cocoa and her baby blue sled for all of her adventures on the slopes. The stickers that she comes with are so that you can deck out her sled anyway that you please!

538028 Bratz SnowKissed Doll Asst XS 01

Yasmin is dressed head to toe in an adorable winter outfit that includes a fluffy white hat, white jacket with furry trim, a sparkle filled shirt, crop top, striped legging and knee high boots. To change, Yasmin has a gold dress, cardigan and wedge boots. She also has a cup of hot cocoa, mittens, snow goggles, hair brush and a pair of skis and polls that can be customized with the stickers included with her. She is ready for the slopes or gossiping in the lodge over some cocoa.

Jade is the last of the posable dolls with this set and she also has her own ensemble and accessories. Her outfit for being outdoors includes a fluffy-ear hat, striped leggings, snowflake top and a knit sweater with fuzzy collar and some lace-up boots. In order for her to change and join the inside fun she has an extra white jacket, shirt and another pair of boots. Of course she also comes with her accessories that include hot cocoa, mittens, snow goggles, a hairbrush and her snowboard that is also customizable with her set of stickers.

All of the Bratz dolls have their own personalities. Whether you have all of them for the Snow Lodge playset or just one or two, your child will have tons of fun imagining them on the slopes with their boards that are customized and then relaxing and talking over hot cocoa in the lodge. This is perfect for ages five and up to let their creativity and imagination flow with characters that we have grown to love.

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